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Blueberry Kush Muffin

It is also known as the Blueberry OG or Blueberry OG Kush. This strain is a combination of blueberry and OG Kush which brings in the herbal properties and a fresh aroma of berries. The combination gives forth a mixture of blue colour (from the berries) and brown.

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The Blueberry Kush Muffin is the most sold muffin in our Amsterdam Bakehouse! Cannabis BakeHouse has combined blueberry kush flavour with Cannabis to offer you a delicious serving that you’ll enjoy. The ingredient used here is the blueberry kush, a component that when combined with Cannabis gives you a delightful Blueberry Kush Muffin. Similar to all other ingredients CannabisBakeHouse uses, the blueberry is natural. It combines excellently with Cannabis, offering you something to lighten you up. Our Blueberry Kush Muffin does not contain any traces of THC and therefore doesn’t make you high. And the best part is you can order your favourite Blueberry Kush Muffin now online, and it will be delivered to your home.

Cannabis Lovers who have visited our Bakery all agree that our Marijuana Muffins are by far the best-tasting muffins they ever tried! Most people like the sweet taste from the Blueberry, or the fruity taste of Mango Kush. But everyone loves the Chocolate tasting of our Chocolate Haze Cannabis Muffin. Can’t decide which of our Muffins you would like to try? Why not just buy them all and have a tasting party with your friends! If you buy more then 3 of each we even give you a discounted price! One of the best products to combine with our Blueberry Kush Muffin is a hot cup of Cannabis Coffee! Also available in our online store!

The procedure of creating this muffin at the Cannabis BakeHouse is from the highest standard. Hygiene and proper measurements of ingredients are observed to match up to the required cannabinoid levels. Cannabis BakeHouse observes all the hygienic and professional pastry procedures when preparing the muffin. The Cannabinoid distillation is 100% sure to kick out THC.

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