CBD Oil Recovery

CBD Oil Recovery

With a low dosage of just 4%, the CBD Oil Recovery from Cannabis Bakehouse is perfect for those who may not have used a CBD oil before but are looking to discover the holistic wellbeing effects for themselves. One of the best kept secrets of CBD oil is the positive role it can play in muscle recovery.

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But you don’t have to be a professional athlete to feel the benefits, this oil is ideal for anyone who exercises or plays sports regularly and wants to feel the overall wellbeing effects and relief that the CBD Oil Recovery can give to sore and tired muscles. CBD oils are a natural anti-inflammatory and can not only help to reduce muscle soreness, but can also promote good sleep, which is vital as proper sleep is integral to muscle recovery too.

 Our body’s endocannabinoid system is one of the most important ways that our body can regulate how we feel, so not only do the cannabinoids in CBD Oil Recovery help to reduce inflammation, but they also have a positive and balancing effect on the endocannabinoid system too. This helps to promote not only better energy levels, but also improved co-ordination, higher concentration levels and an all round boosted immune system. As there are no levels of THC, (the pyschoactive element found in cannabis related products known as Tetrahydrocannabinol), present in any CBD oils purchased with Cannabis Bakehouse, now you can enjoy all the holistic and wellness benefits with confidence thanks to this non-addictive, completely natural CBD oil.

 The CBD Oil Recovery is suitable both for pre and post workouts. When it comes to muscle recovery, the amount of oil you need to take to feel a beneficial effect will vary from person to person and corresponding muscle mass. The general rule is 6-10mg per each pound of body weight to be taken daily until you are finding your desired level of effectiveness. The CBD Oil Recovery is very easy to administer. Simply pop a couple of drops under your tongue, let them absorb for about 90 seconds and then swallow. Available in a glass bottle as CBD oil is a natural oil and as such perishable, this oil is very easy to administer thanks to its bottle top which comes with a convenient dropper applicator. Each bottle is 10ml, containing around 200 drops, making it a long-lasting product with only a couple of drops advisable to be taken per day, meaning this bottle is so small and discreet, it is perfect to keep in your gym locker or sports bag for muscle recovery benefits on the move.

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