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Fall asleep liquid – Meladol formula – 30ml

Fall asleep liquid – Meladol formula – 30ml

Experience the Benefits of Fall Asleep Liquid – Meladol Formula – 30ml

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Meladol has become a staple on countless bedside tables, offering an all-natural blend of melatonin and CBD to support a healthier sleep routine. However, recognizing the diverse sleep needs of our customers, we've fine-tuned our sleep range to better cater to individual preferences.

But fear not, the trusted Meladol formula you've come to rely on remains unchanged. We've simply given it a fresh brand name to align seamlessly with our revamped sleep lineup. Fall Asleep, like our other popular sleep solutions, remains committed to delivering the restorative sleep you deserve.

Why Transition from Meladol to Fall Asleep?

Sleep requirements vary widely among individuals. While some struggle to drift off, others battle to stay asleep through the night. Understanding that the ideal supplement varies based on individual needs, we've expanded our sleep range! The name Fall Asleep, formerly Meladol, more accurately reflects how it can address your sleep concerns and distinguish itself from other sleep aids, such as Complete Sleep.

• The transition to Fall Asleep simplifies the selection process, helping you identify the right CBD sleep aid for your needs. The bottle size, dosage instructions, and ingredients (CBD and melatonin) remain consistent.

Fall Asleep: Now Available in Liquid or Capsules

A few drops of Fall Asleep, taken fifteen minutes before bedtime, promote a restful night's sleep. However, for added convenience, some prefer capsules. That's why we're introducing Fall Asleep capsules alongside the new brand name!

The capsules contain the same trusted formula you've come to expect from us, offering another convenient way to experience the benefits of our unique CBD and melatonin blend. Learn more about our Fall Asleep capsules in this article.

Whatever your sleep requirements may be, rest assured that Cibdol is here for you. Whether you're seeking to fall asleep faster or stay asleep longer, our range of sleep supplements is tailored to support your journey. Fall Asleep is our commitment to helping you achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle!

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