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CBH – Cannabis Cubes Watermelon, 30 gram

CBH – Cannabis Cubes Watermelon, 30 gram

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The candies are very small and are therefore ideal to take with you on the go. Can't decide which flavor to choose? That's no problem! You can also order a combination of several flavors from us. This way you can try all the fantastic flavors of the CBD candies before choosing your favorite.

Each CBD candy contains a dose of 5 mg of cannabinoid. This way you can easily manage the amount of CBD you want to consume. If you don't want too much, just eat one cube. Do you need more CBD? Then you just eat several CBD sweets! So this is very useful.

In addition to being delicious and packed with all the wellness benefits of the hemp-derived cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids, the CBD candies are completely sugar-free. So now you can enjoy your favorite CBD treat without feeling guilty!

Because eating a CBD product can take longer to feel the beneficial effects, the CBD candies are great for those who want to try a CBD product for the first time or for those looking for their next new favorite snack. While it may take longer for an edible CBD product to be broken down by your body's digestive system, once it's absorbed into the body, you'll be able to feel its effects for longer. The way you want to consume it therefore depends entirely on your personal preference.

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