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Caapi - Banisteriopsis Caapi Yellow 40:1 Extract Herborist - 1

Caapi - Banisteriopsis Caapi Yellow 40:1 Extract

Very Strong Caapi extract: 40x Cielo / Yellow extract.
A unique full-spectrum Banisteriopsis caapi extract. 
This MOA inhibitor contains all the alkaloids of the Kaapi liana.

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Herborist 40:1 Caapi Yellow Powder Extract - The Elixir of the Amazon

Unparalleled Purity, Unquestionable Quality

Region of Origin:

Ethically harvested from the biodiverse hotspots of the Amazon Rainforest, a region known for its unique flora and spiritual significance.

Extraction Method:

Utilizing state-of-the-art percolation and freeze-drying processes, we bring you a 40:1 Caapi Yellow Powder Extract of supreme quality and potency.

Farm Details:

Lovingly cultivated on GMS Ecuador Parcela 1, ensuring sustainability and ethical practices.


Experience the ease of a 100% soluble powder form.

Bottle Content:

Each 10 ml dropper bottle holds 0.33 grams of premium Caapi Yellow Powder Extract.

Experience the Golden Gateway to Spiritual Awakening

Why Choose Herborist Caapi Yellow Powder Extract?

  • High Potency: Our 40:1 Caapi Yellow Powder Extract is tailored for those seeking a deeply transformative journey.
  • Solubility: Blend seamlessly into distilled water, offering effortless consumption and integration into your spiritual regimen.
  • Versatility: Ideal for both microdosing and deeper spiritual practices, catering to a wide range of psychonautic needs.

Preparation for Use

To activate the extract, add distilled water to the 10 ml dropper bottle containing 0.33 grams of Caapi Yellow Powder Extract.

How to Use

  • Microdosing: Take 5 drops three times a day for 3 weeks, then pause for 15 days and resume.
  • Ayahuasca Dosage: Perfect for those looking to go further in their Ayahuasca experiences.

Storage Instructions

  • Unmixed: Store for up to 5 years.
  • Mixed: Stays potent for 3 months after mixing.
1 Reviews

Amazing !!!
Great product for microdosing, I use it to be more connected to my own heart : enhances my dreams , slidly lift my mood up and the feeling of being part of the nature around.
I have been using those Caapi drops since 2 yeas.
3 - 4 drops for around 2 weeks and then a long break.
Enhance the psychedelic journey bfre or after a ceremony.

Prodotto grandioso per microdosaggio psichedelico.
Le uso per essere piu' connessa al mio cuore e la natura: per ritrovare la mia pace interiore, sognare piu' intensamente e alzare le mie vibrazioni.

Uso queste gocce di Caapi da 2 anni circa.
Le prendo per due settimane, prima di andare a dormire, 3- 4 gocce (per una dose forte) e poi lunga pausa.
Ottime anche in provisione di una cerimonia.
By Vanessa on 09/13/2022

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