Yawanawa Rapé - Tsunu

Yawanawa Rapé - Tsunu

Yawanawa Rapé – Tsunu - 10gr

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Introducing Yawanawa Rapé – Tsunu: Nature's Elixir for Vitality

Yawanawa Tsunu Rapé is a true gem among our offerings. Its simplicity and effectiveness make it a perennial favorite for those seeking a genuine connection with nature's gifts.

Crafted with care by the skilled hands of Rasu Yawanawa, a respected member of the Yawanawa royal family, this Tsunu Rapé is a testament to tradition and expertise. Rasu, who embarked on a year-long initiation diet guided by his great-grandfather at just 16 years old, brings a wealth of ancestral knowledge to the creation of this sacred snuff.

At its heart, Yawanawa Rapé Tsunu is a blend of Tsunu bark ashes and artisanal corda tobacco of the highest quality. The Tsunu tree, tall and majestic, holds a special place in Yawanawa culture as one of the most sacred trees. It is essential to note that this Tsunu is distinct from Pau Pereira, despite claims to the contrary. The Yawanawa have their original variety of Tsunu, yielding a beautiful cream-colored ash that sets it apart.

This Tsunu Rapé is believed to offer a range of benefits. It is considered to possess healing properties and spiritual strength, making it a valuable companion for energetic cleansing and combating physical fatigue. The Yawanawa have long turned to Tsunu to bolster their strength while working in the fields or embarking on hunting expeditions. Furthermore, Tsunu Rapé has a warming effect on the body, a sensation cherished by those living in the forest who often use it before bathing in the river.

Rasu Yawanawa, the artisan behind this exceptional Rapé, stands as a bridge between tradition and innovation. Apart from his mastery in crafting Rapé, he is a multi-talented musician proficient in playing various instruments. His creative spirit reached new heights when he collaborated with the legendary Brazilian DJ Alok, resulting in a remarkable musical fusion that captivated audiences.

Embrace the healing power of nature and tap into the vitality of the Yawanawa people with Yawanawa Rapé – Tsunu. Experience the harmonious blend of tradition, expertise, and modern creativity in every sacred inhalation.

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