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Yawanawa Rapé - Waxy

Yawanawa Rapé – Waxy - 10gr

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Experience the Essence of Yawanawa Spirituality with Yawanawa Rapé – Waxy

Yawanawa Rapé – Waxy is a testament to the profound spirituality of the Yawanawa people. Crafted by Waxy, one of the three sisters who successfully completed the rigorous Muka diet, this Rapé embodies over a decade of dedicated study into the ancestral spirituality of her tribe.

Waxy's commitment to preserving the spiritual traditions of her people shines through in every aspect of this Rapé. Made with unwavering adherence to the strictest guidelines of Yawanawa spirituality, it is imbued with the power of prayers that make it a genuine instrument for spiritual healing.

This unique Rapé has a distinct character, appearing slightly more beige than the typical grayish Yawanawa snuffs. Its strength and authenticity make it a valuable tool for those seeking a deeper connection with Yawanawa spirituality.

Waxy and her family are actively involved in traditional ceremonies worldwide, sharing their knowledge and wisdom. They also host retreat groups at their Mawa Yuxyn Center, nestled in the heart of the Yawanawa Indigenous Land within the Brazilian Amazon rainforest.

Embrace the spiritual journey and connect with the profound Yawanawa spirituality through Yawanawa Rapé – Waxy.

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