Yawanawa Rapé - Mulateiro

Yawanawa Rapé - Mulateiro

Yawanawa Rapé – Kanarô - 10gr

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Experience the Enigmatic World of Yawanawa Culture with Yawanawa Rapé – Kanarô

Yawanawa Rapé – Kanarô invites you to embark on a journey deep into the heart of Yawanawa culture, where ancient traditions and spiritual beliefs come to life. Kanarô, often referred to as the yellow Arara, holds a unique position as the Yawanawa messenger bird from the astral plane.

This Rapé pays homage to one of the Yawanawa tribe's most treasured and cherished saités, a form of storytelling through song, dedicated to Kanarô. This saité beautifully encapsulates the essence of "saudade," a word that defies simple translation but conveys a profound sense of longing for something or someone that has departed.

Yawanawa Kanarô faithfully follows the traditional Yawanawa recipe, blending Tsunu ashes and natural tobacco. Kanarô, the yellow Arara, has long been revered as the messenger bird connecting the physical world with the astral realm.

The mastermind behind this Rapé is Shaneihu, the grandson of the renowned pajé Yawa and the son of Chief Biraci. Shaneihu embarked on the rigorous one-year Muka initiation diet under the guidance of his grandfather, a journey of great spiritual significance that bestows credibility upon those who complete it. Shaneihu is not only a dedicated practitioner but also an accomplished musician who has recorded and produced the remarkable CD titled "Kanarô." You can find this enchanting musical creation on Spotify, and we highly recommend immersing yourself in its captivating melodies.

Kanarô, a word deeply entrenched in the Yawanawa language and culture, transcends easy translation. It carries complex sentiments and emotions, serving as a poignant reminder of loved ones and the oldest melodies within their civilization. Kanarô encapsulates the yearning of an individual for their family, making it a profound and cherished aspect of Yawanawa cultural heritage.

Chief Biraci, the esteemed leader of the Yawanawa tribe, imparts his wisdom: "Kanarô is the yellow macaw, the sole bird that once crossed the vast river during a time when animals communicated. It carried messages from those who could not traverse the river on the very, very large alligator. Today, Kanarô holds special significance for us—a song that embodies both great joy and deep longing."

Embark on a spiritual journey and immerse yourself in the mystique of Yawanawa culture with Yawanawa Rapé – Kanarô.

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