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Yawanawa Rapé - Força Feminina - Feminine Force

Yawanawa Rapé - Força Feminina - Feminine Force - 10gr

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Introducing the Power of Feminine Energy with Yawanawa Rapé - Força Feminina

Yawanawa Rapé - Força Feminina, or Feminine Force, is a unique Rapé blend handcrafted by Nawashahu, one of the daughters of Biraci Nixiwaka, the esteemed chief of the Yawanawa tribe. This sacred Rapé carries with it the essence of a transformative time when the Yawanawa people reconnected with their cultural roots and traditional medicine, embracing the participation of women in their spiritual practices.

In the past, the Yawanawa's medicine work was exclusively reserved for males. However, a significant shift occurred as Chief Biraci's wife, Putani Yawanawa, along with her sisters, embarked on a groundbreaking journey by undertaking a one-year initiation diet. This marked a pivotal moment in their culture as they ventured into condoned spiritual work. Their daughter, Nawashahu, now carries forward the legacy of her parents, receiving and singing her own unique medicine songs, and crafting this exquisite Rapé.

Nawashahu's spiritual journey has blessed her with beautiful songs, both in Portuguese and their native language, born from the depths of their spiritual practices. She travels across the world, conducting ceremonies and spreading joy to many. When she is in her village, she lovingly prepares this Rapé for all of us to experience and cherish. Their village, Aldeia Sagrada, is situated at the farthest reaches up the river, the very place where they first made contact with the outside world. It's here that they perform their initiations and honor the sanctuary of their ancestors.

Força Feminina, translated as the Feminine Force, is a powerful and sacred snuff that we have had the privilege to work with for many years. Our journey with Nawashahu and her sisters began when Chief Nixiwaka, also known as Biraci Brasil, recommended purchasing Rapé from them. This was the first time we bought female-crafted Rapé from the tribes, and in respect of its origin and the empowering force of indigenous women, we named it Força Feminina.

The recipe of Força Feminina adheres to the traditional Yawanawá formula, combining robust tobacco with original Tsunu ashes. This unique Rapé possesses a potent and captivating energy, making it a beloved choice for both men and women alike. Haux Haux!

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