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Yawanawa Rapé - New Hope

Yawanawa Rapé – New Hope - 10gr

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Experience the profound spiritual legacy of the Yawanawa tribe through Yawanawa Rapé – New Hope - 10g. This exceptional sacred snuff bears the imprint of a young tribal member who devoted three years of his life to immerse deeply in the traditional spirituality of his people. Peu, a prominent cultural and spiritual ambassador within the tribe, possesses an intricate understanding of their rituals and techniques, which resoundingly manifests in the exceptional quality of this Rapé.

The Yawanawa tribe's cultural journey is a remarkable testament to resilience and revitalization. Historically, they faced the brink of losing their cherished traditions, initiated by contact with the outside world in the last century. However, a transformative cultural resurgence took root in the late 1980s, under the leadership of a new chief fervently advocating for tribal rights. This movement led to the expulsion of rubber tappers, missionaries, and alcohol from their community. Guided by the last two surviving medicine men of their tribe, the new chief, representing a burgeoning generation, embarked on a traditional initiation diet, signifying a significant turning point in the tribe's cultural reawakening.

During this profound period of renewal, as they shed the weight of a painful past, the Yawanawa tribe relocated to a fresh beginning, christening their new settlement as 'Nova Esperança' – New Hope. Here, they inaugurated the tradition of hosting annual cultural festivals, extending an invitation to the outside world to partake in their unique universe and embrace their heritage.

For the more traditional members of the tribe, Rapé embodies the essence of true Yawanawa identity when it adheres to the simple recipe of tobacco and Tsunu ashes. The Tsunu tree, native to the region, serves as the source of these sacred ashes, crafted by burning the bark in accordance with their age-old practices.

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