Metal Ashtray Trippy 3  (136 mm)  - 1
Metal Ashtray Trippy 3  (136 mm)  - 2
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Metal Ashtray Trippy 3  (136 mm)  - 1
Metal Ashtray Trippy 3  (136 mm)  - 2

Metal Ashtray Trippy 3 (136 mm)

Kleur: Design.

Materiaal: Premium Metal 0,35mm.

Afmeting: 136mm.

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Discover the Excellence of FIRE-FLOW™ Ashtrays

Step into the sophisticated world of FIRE-FLOW™ ashtrays, where style meets practicality to elevate your smoking experience. The Metal Ashtray Trippy #3 (136 mm) is crafted from premium 0.35mm thin metal, ensuring both durability and an elegant appearance.

FIRE-FLOW™ ashtrays are available in two stunning finishes: a refined matte look and a high-end metallic finish with eye-catching all-over prints. Whether you prefer a classic, understated style or are drawn to vibrant, creative designs, FIRE-FLOW™ offers a diverse range of options to suit your taste.

Our collection includes designs featuring humorous smoker quotes, adding a playful touch to your smoking ritual. Many of these unique designs are the work of talented CLIPPER lighter graphic artists, providing you with truly inspiring masterpieces.

Functionality is at the core of FIRE-FLOW™ ashtrays. The slim 0.35mm metal construction makes these ashtrays lightweight and easy to handle, while the smooth surface ensures effortless cleaning.

FIRE-FLOW™ ashtrays are designed to accommodate both cigarettes and blunts, making them ideal for use both indoors and outdoors. Whether you enjoy smoking alone or sharing relaxing moments with friends, a FIRE-FLOW™ ashtray is a stylish addition to any setting.

More than just practical accessories, these ashtrays reflect your personality. Choose the design that best matches your style and enhances your smoking experience.

Explore the captivating world of FIRE-FLOW™ ashtrays and experience the creativity and quality of these exceptional accessories. Treat yourself to an ashtray that not only serves its function but also stands out as a stylish piece of art in your home or during social gatherings.

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