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Number of tablets: 4 tablets.

Net content per tablet: 680mg

Dosage: Maximum 1 per 24 hours

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Main assigned active properties:

MDNX is a natural party formula that gives you a sensational energy-boost with an insatiable lust for parties. The effects are described as getting an energy boost that easily get you to the end of a party.

Ingredients per tablet:

Maca 100mg

Ginger 200mg

DL-phenylalanine 70 mg

Caffeine 110 mg (27.5% DV)

Kratom: 100mg

Kanna: 100mg


Take one tablet 30 to 45 minutes before the desired effect with water or fruit juice. Recommended daily portion is 1 tablet. Do not exceed the maximum portion per day.


Do not use a food supplement as a substitute for a varied diet. Keep out of reach of children. Use only allowed above the age of 18. Do not use in combination with medicines or other stimulants, in case of high/low blood pressure, heart problems, thyroid disorders, kidney diseases, depression, nervousness, physical and/or mental complaints and use of MAO inhibitors. Be careful with excessive alcohol consumption. If in doubt, consult your doctor.

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