Mulungu Erythrina mulungu Exctract

Mulungu Erythrina mulungu Exctract

 Erythrina Mulungu Extract

Erythrina Mulungu has been known in Brazil for its soothing and relaxing powers since the beginning of days. Mulungu can help to find balance in turbulent times and allow you to experience deep relaxation, let go of worries and feel more neutral about things. A wonderful agent to fall asleep with more ease.
Remember that you don’t need much of this natural relaxing herb! 1 to 3 drops are more than enough for one dosage.

  • 10 ml
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Erythrina mulungu (verna), also called Mulungu, is a tree that grows in the rainforest of South America and can reach a height of 10 to 14 meters. Beautiful red-orange flowers grow from this tree. This natural sedative has been extracted from the bark and leaves of the Mulungu tree for centuries. Mulungu extract was used by tribes from the Amazon to protect themselves from getting poisoned by insects and the fish they caught. Mainly Mulungu is known for soothing the nervous system, which, in result, can reduce stress and relieves anxiety. Mulungu also contains natural antioxidants that protect cells from environmental damage.

Mulungu uses

In case of insomnia, stress, or anxiety, Mulungu can give an excellent healing effect. It's been reported to reduce stress levels and calms the state of mind.

Mulungu Effects

Calming, relaxing, soothing, sedating.

How to use Mulungu

For a calming effect, put 1 drop under your tongue.

For a good night’s sleep, place 1 to 3 drops under your tongue.

*Note that in case of low blood pressure or the use of blood pressure-lowering medication Mulungu should only be used in moderation.

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