Mushroom grow kit 'Mushbag' rye
Mushroom grow kit 'Mushbag' rye
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Mushroom grow kit 'Mushbag' rye
Mushroom grow kit 'Mushbag' rye

Mushroom grow kit 'Mushbag' rye

This Inner-vision rye mushbag is very well made, but have a look to this more user friendly blank growkit Sterilized grow kit-Whole oats-"Mushbag

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The Mushbag contains sterilized rye grain that's suitable for the spawn production of most mushroom species. Especially Psilocybe cubensis varieties perform well on rye.

The Mushbag is fitted with an air filter and rubber injection port that seals the bag hermetically after injection with a spore or mycelium syringe.

Once the rye has been colonized by the mycelium, it can be used for a variety of cultivation methods. The Mushbag has been developed for advanced growers.

Yield: 1000-1500 g

Detailed and illustrated instructions included in English and Dutch


Download the manual in English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian.


Mushbag with 1400 g sterilized rye.

Shelf life

4-6 months. The production date is printed on the box. Do not store the Mushbag above a radiator or in the full sun.

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