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Rapé - Yawanawa - Forca Feminina Waxy  - 1

Rapé - Yawanawa - Forca Feminina Waxy

This special Rapé is handmade by the legendary Waxy Yawanawa in Acre, Brazil. It is a very powerful medicine to pray with. The Rapé is smooth, clean, strong and very pleasant on the body.

  • 10 Grams
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Rapé Yawanawa Forca Feminina Waxy

This Rapé will balance your emotions, and help you find a place of strength and stability within yourself. Made by Waxy, a recognised shaman from the jungle, you can be sure this blend comes from the hands of someone truly skilled in their craft. Experience a pleasant calm and deep strength that comes as a blessing from the jungle as a gift and blessing to you.

About our Rapé

Used and handcrafted by various indigenous tribes for centuries, rapé has been known as the ‘dust of the ancients.’ Passed down from generation to generation, rapé blends and recipes have been a well-kept secret kept by the medicine men. At NLNaturals, we have the honour to offer you these blends straight from the source –tribes like Yawanawa, Huni Kuin, and many others. Experience the pure and traditional potency of rapé the way it’s supposed to be!

 Handmade by Tribal Medicine People  Crafted According to Ancient Recipes  Supports the Local Tribes  Purity and Potency Guaranteed


Glass bottle with 10 grams of Rapé

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