Erotic Blues
Erotic Blues
Erotic Blues
Erotic Blues

Erotic Blues

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Elevate Your Intimate Moments with Erotic Blues: Unleashing the Power Within

Experience the demands of daily life, where work pressures and deadlines often leave us drained. Picture this: a hectic day, a looming report, and no time for a proper lunch. The energy levels are plummeting, and yet, date night is on the horizon. Whether you're embarking on a new relationship or nurturing a long-term connection, with reservations made and plans set, don't let the stressors of life dampen your spirits. Enter Erotic Blues – your go-to solution for a revitalizing experience.

Our exclusive blend of fruit extracts and vitalizing vitamins promises effervescence precisely when you need it the most. Bid farewell to the weariness of a bustling life and embrace the rejuvenating touch of Erotic Blues.

Dosage: Take 1 (maximum of 2) pill(s) approximately 30 minutes before the desired effect. While we can't assist with technique, mister maka can certainly provide you with a boost in energy and stamina when it truly matters. Experience the effects, which can last up to 5 hours.


Guarana Extract: 50mg

Organically Grown Maca Root: 100mg

Gotu Kola Extract Powder: 75mg

Muira Puama: 50mg

Taurine: 50mg

Zinc Citrate-3-hydrate: 42mg

Vitamin B3: 28mg

Ginkgo Biloba Extract: 20mg

L-Arginine: 100mg

Package Contents: 4x Erotic Blues Capsules

Erotic Blues – Unleash the power within and make every intimate moment extraordinary.

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