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MCSX - Sex stimulans

Discover MCSX's powerful aphrodisiac caps for a hot, passionate and erotic night. Improve your stamina, energy and love life with natural ingredients such as maca extract and guarana.

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MCSX is the ultimate libido and herbal pleasure enhancer, perfect for all night long of passionate and intense sex!

Take MCSX aphrodisiac caps for great endurance, an energy boost and an erotic love buzz. With maca (a natural aphrodisiac) and guarana (a powerful enegizer) as main ingredients, MCSX provides for a great, sexy night. A package contains six MCSX pills, enough for two people.

How to Use

Take 1 to 3 capsules with enough to drink.


Vitamine PP (36mg),

Maca extract (124mg),

Guaranine (36mg),

Chromium (100mcg),

2-sulfoethylamine (36mg),

Paullinia cupana (71mg),

L-tyrosine (247mg).

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