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CVAULT Pro  21L  - 1
CVAULT Pro  21L  - 2
CVAULT Pro  21L  - 3
CVAULT Pro  21L  - 4
CVAULT Pro  21L  - 5


Designed with home growers in mind, the 21 Liter CVault is an ideal solution for storing larger quantities of various cannabis cultivars. With Boveda's reliable humidity control, your weed will stay fresh inside the CVault for an extended period, guaranteeing a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience when you're ready to grind and savor your stash.

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Introducing the CVault with Boveda Technology: Your Ultimate Cannabis Storage Solution

Experience the full potential of your cannabis with the CVault, a cutting-edge storage container designed to preserve the aroma, flavor, and effectiveness of your herbs until after the grind. Powered by Boveda Technology, this innovative system creates a monolayer of purified water molecules that naturally coats trichomes, shielding precious terpenes and cannabinoids, ensuring they remain active until use.

Key Features:

Airtight Preservation: The CVault features a food-grade silicone seal that latches closed, creating a perfectly airtight environment. This prevents oxidation of your cannabis and maintains its freshness for prolonged periods.

Lightproof Stainless Steel Design: Crafted from food-grade stainless steel, the CVault effectively shields your cannabis from degrading due to exposure to light, preserving its potency and quality.

Shatter-Proof and Stackable: Unlike glass jars, the CVault is shatter-proof, ensuring the safety of your valuable contents. Its stackable design allows you to maximize vertical storage space efficiently, whether you're a home grower or a dispensary owner.

How to Use:

Open the CVault using the latches and remove the Boveda pack.

Unwrap the plastic from the Boveda pack (do NOT open the brown pack itself).

Insert the Boveda pack into the designated slot under the CVault lid.

TIP: Fold three seams of the Boveda pack, hold the unfolded side, and slip it into the holder for secure placement.

Fill the CVault with your buds.

Replace the lid and secure it with the latches.


In CVault: The Boveda pack's lifespan inside the CVault typically ranges from 2 to 4 months, depending on factors such as moisture content, frequency of container opening, and storage conditions.

Unopened Package: The Boveda pack can stay usable for up to two (2) years in its unopened package.


To maintain the ideal humidity level for your cannabis, conduct a touch test. Order replacement packs BEFORE the Boveda pack becomes rigid to avoid any lapse in humidity protection within your CVault.

Boveda Effectiveness:

If you feel hardening at the corners or soft spots among some hard areas, the Boveda pack is still working effectively.

The Boveda pack is considered expired if the entire pack feels rock solid all the way through.


In an airtight environment, all Boveda packs are accurate to +/- 2% of the printed Relative Humidity (RH) on the pack.


The Boveda pack consists of food-grade salt, purified water, and a food-grade thickening agent, ensuring the highest quality and safety standards for your cannabis storage.

Upgrade your cannabis storage experience with the CVault and Boveda Technology, guaranteeing a fresher, more potent product for your enjoyment.

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