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HulkBerry Automatic - Royal Queen Seeds

HulkBerry Automatic - Royal Queen Seeds

Unleash Your Inner Sativa with HulkBerry Automatic

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HulkBerry Automatic from Royal Queen Seeds is the turbocharged version of Bruce Banner #3 Auto, packing a punch that rivals even the fiercest photoperiod strains. We set out to capture the raw power of Bruce Banner #3 Autoflowering while enhancing its terpene profile for a truly unique experience. Our journey led us to cross Ghost OG with Strawberry Diesel, yielding impressive aroma and potency, but we needed the convenience of autoflowering genetics. That's where Diesel Auto stepped in, with its rapid flowering time and robust qualities, making it the ideal candidate for the job.

The result? HulkBerry Automatic, a stable and dominant sativa specimen (65% sativa).

Effects and Flavor Burst of HulkBerry Automatic

Though she may seem unassuming, HulkBerry Automatic is anything but! Her dense, frosty buds boast THC levels of up to 21%, catering to even the most seasoned smokers. Prepare for a surge of euphoria with each hit, igniting creativity and sharpening focus. Perfect for enhancing music, movies, or any creative pursuit, HulkBerry Automatic is your ideal daytime companion. Pair her with your morning coffee for an energizing start to your day.

HulkBerry Automatic offers a dynamic terpene profile, blending spicy, earthy, and fruity aromas that tantalize the senses. Notes of wood on the inhale add depth to the experience, with high concentrations of limonene, linalool, and myrcene enhancing the overall sensory journey.

Cultivating HulkBerry Automatic

Ideal for beginners, HulkBerry Automatic is a breeze to grow, compact in size, and delivers satisfying yields. From seedling to harvest, she matures in just 65-70 days, making her a quick and convenient option for growers. With a modest height of under 100cm, she's also a stealthy choice for indoor cultivation. Indoor plants yield an average of 450-500g/m², while outdoor grows produce around 100g per plant, ensuring a rewarding harvest every time.

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