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Kuntanawa Rapé - Sananga

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Introducing the Latest Creation from the Kuntanawa Tribe: Kuntanawa Rapé – Sananga

Immerse yourself in the indigenous wisdom of the Amazon with our newest Rapé blend – the Kuntanawa Rapé – Sananga. Crafted by the skilled hands of the Kuntanawa tribe, this Shamanic Snuff is a unique fusion of Sabiá Tobacco and the ashes of burnt roots from the Tabernaemontana sananho shrub, the source of the revered Sananga eye drop medicine.

The Essence of Kuntanawa Rapé – Sananga:

In the heart of Amazonian native culture, Rapé is hailed as a powerful spiritual tool. Our exclusive Rapé blends, created in collaboration with the Kuntanawa tribe, bring together the botanical richness of the rainforest and the ancient knowledge of Shamans and Pajés. The result is a natural remedy for physical healing and spiritual elevation. Our latest offering, Kuntanawa Rapé – Sananga, stands as a testament to this harmonious blend.

Sacred Ingredients:

Tabernaemontana sananho (Sananga): Revered as the "Forest Eye Drop," this native Amazonian shrub is deeply ingrained in indigenous customs. The Sananga root, utilized in the creation of medicinal extracts, holds aphrodisiac and stimulant properties. According to Shamanic principles, Sananga's spirit can balance and soothe energetic patterns, bringing stability and harmony. It extends the reach of the third eye, enhances ocular improvements, and sharpens perceptions.

Sabiá Tobacco: Derived from the potent Nicotiana rustica variation, Sabiá Tobacco, in the form of ropes, is a key ingredient. Shamanic culture attributes profound healing powers to this plant for both the spirit and the physical body. Used in sacred ceremonies and indigenous rituals, Sabiá Tobacco is renowned for its potency.

Meet the Kuntanawa:

The Kuntanawa, known as the People of the Coconut, are a remarkable family leading the Alto Juruá region. Acknowledged for their cultural revitalization efforts, they play a pivotal role in the Extractive Reserve of High Juruá. Committed to sustainability and preserving their traditions, the Kuntanawa are champions of the indigenous way of life, including sacred Ayahuasca rituals.

Immerse yourself in the spirit of the Amazon with Kuntanawa Rapé – Sananga, a unique blend that echoes the wisdom and traditions of the Kuntanawa tribe.

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