XS Natural – Energetic Fat Blocker – 100 pieces

XS Natural – Energetic Fat Blocker – 100 pieces

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Find your balance with the XS Natural Energetic Fatblocker and experience for yourself how this product acts as a firewall and virus scanner for your body.

This Fatblocker ensures that the production of fat in your body is blocked in an effective and healthy way. This XS Natural Fatblocker contains a powerful formula of 100% organic ingredients, including Chitosan. Chitosan binds fat to itself so that it does not store in the body, the fat leaves the body in a natural way.

Another advantage of Chitosan is that it is a fiber, and makes you feel full faster. This way you are less hungry during the day!

This Fatblocker is ideal for anyone who wants to lose weight, tone muscles or simply eat less every day. Healthy food and sufficient exercise are of course the building blocks of a fit body and a healthy life – a Fatblocker is a tool, a proven slimming product. Our natural Fat Blocker also ensures that you are less hungry during the day. This way you eat less, with the result: easier and healthier weight loss.

The XS Natural Energetic Fatblocker has a preventive function. Fat burners counteract fat in the body, where this supplement ensures that the fat is already tackled in advance. Use it in combination with the Thermo Energetic Fatburner for the best results!


Lowers cholesterol levels

Positive influence on the control of high blood pressure

A lower appetite leads to a lower calorie intake per day!

Fat loss, without muscle loss

Easier and healthier weight loss

Stimulated fat burning for visible muscles


Camelia sinensis, Chitosan, Cola Nitida, Paulinia Cupana, Citrus Paradisi, Garcinia, Salix Alba Cortex


Take 2 or 3 capsules 45 minutes before the desired effect with water. Do not exceed the maximum dose of 4 capsules per day.

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