CAMBODIAN - Magic Mushroom Growkit Fresh Mushrooms - 1
    CAMBODIAN - Magic Mushroom Growkit Fresh Mushrooms - 2

    CAMBODIAN - Magic Mushroom Growkit

    We recommend the Cambodian grow kits to inexperienced growers

    Our Growkit come in 2 differents sizes:

    - 600 ml yield between 200 and 300 g fresh. Dried, it is 20-30 g.
    - 1200 ml yield between 500 and 800 g fresh. Dried, it is 50-80 g.

    • 600 ml
    • 1200 ml
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    The area of origin of this variety is Southeast Asia. It was discovered in the neighbourhood of the spectacular temple Angkor Wat, in the province of Siem Reap. In ancient times, these mushrooms were used in religious practices and rituals. They made it easier to communicate with their gods.

    Due to the quality of the Freshmushrooms grow set, the active substance content in this mushroom is significantly stronger than the traditional grow kits.

    Freshmushrooms contain an average of twice as much active substance (psilocin) as other brands of mushrooms that are available on the market.
    That way you know you only have to consume half the quantity of mushrooms to be assured of a trip you know and expect.

    One Magic mushrooms grow-set contain :

    - One grow box
    - One grow bag
    - Two paper clips

    Remember one shroom growkit will generate severals flushes !, have a look to our grow guide in the attachments tab.

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