Microdose Magic Truffle - Microdosing XP Fresh Mushrooms - 1
Microdose Magic Truffle - Microdosing XP Fresh Mushrooms - 2
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Microdose Magic Truffle - Microdosing XP Fresh Mushrooms - 1
Microdose Magic Truffle - Microdosing XP Fresh Mushrooms - 2

Microdose Magic Truffle - Microdosing XP

A natural way to relax and realise

Research indicates that periodic microdosing helps to prevent stress and tension. Various other positive effects ensue in turn, such as improved sleep, more energy, more creativity and users are more open in their social interactions with other people.

Microdosing thus helps prevent complaints such as exhaustion, stress and burn-out.

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Microdosing XP is designed for a daily dosage. New users are recommended to start off with 1 portion or less per day. Microdosing is intended to keep the user level-headed and fully focused.

Microdosing means the consumption of a minimum dose of truffles, approximately 1/10 of a dose which would result in a psychedelic experience. You take the truffles for 1 to 2 months. After this time you have a 2-week gap. You will not trip from taking a microdosage. The effects are subtle, and it works on a sub-perceptual level. This means that a micro-dose does not cause any classic psychedelic effects and visual disturbances.

What are magic truffles?

Magic truffles are formed by fungi which live under the soil. It consists of an extensive network of fungal threads (the mycelium) which make fruiting bodies, in the form of mushrooms, above the soil. In the past, these mushrooms were often used for their psychedelic effect. Today, these mushrooms are prohibited because of wide fluctuations in the amount of viable components. 


This network of fungal threads also forms a mass of mycelium (sclerotia) beneath the soil which is used by the fungus as a survival organ, a kind of store cupboard for nutrients. These are also commonly referred to as magic truffles. Unlike the mushrooms, they contain a fairly consistent amount of psilocybin (an hallucinogenic substance belonging to the tryptamine family). Whilst this may vary in the mushrooms from 0.2 to 1mg per gram with a moisture content of 90%, the truffles contain approximately 1mg per gram of fresh truffles with a moisture content of 65%.


This consistency means that truffles are ideal for microdosing purposes. According to the latest scientific research, this substance holds great potential for putting an end to the mental health crisis. Recent studies show that illnesses such as depression, addiction, anxiety disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder can be treated in this way, relatively simply. There have also been promising results in relation to neurological conditions, such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

How does microdosing work?

Microdosing involves the periodic consumption of a small quantity of psychedelics, in such a small amount that no hallucinatory effects can be perceived. A microdose can be taken as a food supplement for best effect. The user remains functional. The microdose gets to work in the background, virtually unnoticed, and helps to alleviate stress, tension, and other problems. This method creates new possibilities. Microdosing thus offers the perfect solution.

Medical uses

Globally, 1 in 4 people suffers from a mental illness. It is one of the biggest causes of mental health problems and incapacity for work. By around 2030, the costs of tackling these problems with psychiatric drugs (such as antidepressants) is estimated to be 16 Trillions dollar.


This medication is not always effective and can produce nasty side effects. Patients describe feeling flat emotionally. The negative complaints disappear but so do other feelings and emotions. Prescribed medication against addiction, ADD, anxiety and PTSD can actually be addictive, meaning they do more harm than good in the long term.


According to researchers from the Health Science Center at the University of Texas (UTHealth) and experts at Imperial College London, psilocybin has the potential to replace current antidepressants within the next 5 to 10 years.


Under close supervision from trained therapists treatment with psilocybin can result in direct and lasting improvements. Even for the most severe cases of depression and suicidal thoughts. The patient experiences a cleansing emotional release, potentially resulting in a complete change in their outlook on life and personal circumstances. By taking a small quantity of a psychedelic drug, what is referred to as microdosing, people feel the healing effects but without experiencing hallucinations or any kind of mind-altering effect.

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