Just Seeds - Northern Light [FEM] Just Seeds - BLUEBERRY [FEM]
Just Seeds - Saparot Skunk [FEM] Just Seeds - Chocolope [AUTO]
Just Seeds - Gorilla Glue [AUTO] Just Seeds - Gelato [AUTO]
Just Seeds - White Widow [AUTO] Just Seeds - Bruce Banner [AUTO]
Just Seeds - CBD Nepal Gold [CBD 1:1] Just Seeds - GORILLA GLUE [FEM]
Just Seeds - CBD GWS [CBD 1:1] Just Seeds - Amnesia Lemon [FEM]
Just Seeds - Jack Herer [AUTO] Just Seeds - Amnesia Haze [AUTO]
Just Seeds - Bubble Gum XXL [AUTO] Just Seeds - 60 day grapefruit [AUTO]
Just Seeds - Amnesia Haze [FEM]

Embark on a cannabis cultivation journey like never before with our exclusive 14-strain value pack, offering an extensive selection of premium seeds to elevate your garden to new heights. Each strain, meticulously crafted to perfection, comes in a bundle of three seeds, ensuring a diverse and rewarding growing experience.

Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of Just Seeds - Amnesia Haze [AUTO]. This exceptional strain, a result of the fusion between Amnesia Haze and Ruderalis genetics, offers a unique and rewarding growing experience. Prepare your senses for a tantalizing journey with its delightful flavor profile, boasting mouth-watering hints of lemon, incense, and exotic wood, creating a sensory symphony for your taste buds. Experience the dynamic effects of this strain, reminiscent of Amnesia Haze, delivering a complex Sativa experience. It offers a light body-stone paired with a clear cerebral high, hitting you swiftly and leaving you in a state of euphoric bliss.

Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of Just Seeds - GORILLA GLUE [FEM]. Indulge in the extraordinary potency and captivating essence of Just Seeds - GORILLA GLUE [FEM]. This exceptional hybrid strain, derived from the illustrious lineage of Chem’s Sister, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel, promises an unparalleled experience. Prepare to be enchanted by its robust flavor profile, characterized by invigorating notes of sandalwood, spices, and chocolate, creating a sensory delight for the palate. Experience the profound effects of this potent strain as it delivers a heavy-handed euphoria coupled with deep relaxation, ensuring a truly blissful and couch-locking experience.

Indulge in the splendor of Just Seeds - Amnesia Lemon [FEM], a premium feminized cannabis seed renowned for its superior quality and Sativa dominance. This exceptional strain inherits its impeccable genetic lineage from the esteemed Original Amnesia and Lemon Skunk, embodying the essence of the classic Dutch coffee shop era with a refreshing lemony twist. Amnesia Lemon exhibits remarkable vigor and stability, showcasing a sturdy "Christmas tree" structure with a main stem and numerous secondary branches. This architectural resilience ensures robust support for abundant flower production, culminating in a visually stunning and high-yielding harvest.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Just Seeds - 60 Day Grapefruit [AUTO], an extraordinary autoflowering cannabis seed designed for maximum versatility and potency. This exceptional strain, a result of meticulous breeding, combines the best traits of both Indica and Sativa genetics, offering a balanced and invigorating experience. In conclusion, 60 Day Grapefruit Auto stands as a top-performing strain that offers a unique and enjoyable journey for cannabis enthusiasts. With its balanced genetics, potent effects, and ease of cultivation, it is an excellent option for those seeking a versatile and rewarding cannabis experience.

Unleash the formidable prowess of Bruce Banner [AUTO], an authoritative strain embodying the legendary vigor and bountiful yields of its iconic namesake. This autoflowering variant stands tall as a titan in the cannabis realm, offering a hassle-free cultivation solution suitable for beginners and seasoned growers alike. Just Seeds - Bruce Banner [AUTO] represents the culmination of meticulous breeding, engineered to deliver the explosive growth and resilience of Bruce Banner sans the need for separate vegetative and flowering light cycles.

Gelato [AUTO] is a resilient autoflowering strain that flourishes in both indoor and outdoor settings, adaptable to various growing methods. The buds, albeit small, boast a thick and dense structure typical of Indica varieties, encapsulating a tropical, citrusy aroma with a spicy undertone. This strain promises a calming, soothing effect upon indulgence, making it an ideal choice for any activity. With a total crop time ranging between 9 to 10 weeks, and a flexible photoperiod for indoor cultivation, Gelato [AUTO] is a high-quality, delicious yield promising great performance.

Chocolope [AUTO] flavor and aroma are rich and intense, with deep chocolate notes. This strain is known for its invigorating, stimulating, and euphoric effects.This autoflowering strain retains the unique sweet-bitter flavor of the original Chocolope strain and can yield 40-100 grams per plant after 80 days of harvest, making it a high-yielding option on our menu. 

With its intensely fruity flavor and aroma, Blueberry[FEM] strain has notes of berries. Its effects are powerful yet balanced, starting with a cerebral high and progressing to a long-lasting feeling of relaxation.Blueberry strain has become one of the most popular strains in the cannabis world and is highly favored. This mostly Indica strain performs well indoors, outdoors, and in greenhouses.

The introduction of Amnesia Haze [FEM] genetics to Europe (from Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Jamaica) led to multiple hybrids being developed by crossing the different strains. An American living in Holland then took one of these Haze hybrids and crossed it with a male derived from Old School Haze. To make the final product, Amnesia Haze, an Afghani-Hawaiian cross was added. The taste of this strain is delightful, offering a blend of lemon, incense, and cedarwood notes. Upon consumption, the effects are stimulating and energizing, giving the user a feeling of alertness.

Purple Kush [FEM] is 100% Indica strain is a descendant of a cross between Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani, and is now available in a feminized seed form. Native to the Oakland area of California, this strain is one of the most sought-after medical varieties in the state, with a THC content that can reach over 20%. Its Indica genetics make the plant stay small and stocky with dense buds at the end of its life cycle. Its taste and smell are strong, with hints of pineapple, tropical fruits, and spices. Its effects are potent, deeply calming, and long-lasting. 

Bubble Gum XXL [AUTO] strain was originally developed in Indiana, USA and quickly became popular in Holland after it was introduced as a clone-only strain. Its popularity is likely due to its unique, juicy flavors and strong euphoric high. The Automatic version of this strain is similar to the feminized version, but it was crossed with an unnamed Sativa/Indica/Ruderalis hybrid. The resulting plant is short in stature (60-100 cm) and well-suited to balconies and other small spaces. It is ready to harvest in just 70 days and has increased hardiness due to the ruderalis influence. Auto Bubblegum Extra has high medical value, reducing stress, anxiety, pain and increasing appetite. Of course, it also has the distinctive bubblegum bouquet that it is known for. Its taste and smell are intense, with distinct notes of bubblegum, exotic wood and spices. Its effect is strong, both physically and mentally.

Jack Herer [AUTO] Automatic produces buds that resemble the original Jack Herer. However, because it is Autoflowering, this strain can be grown almost anywhere. The plants will quickly grow and be ready to harvest in about 10 weeks. The primary effect is an uplifting and creative Sativa high, but thanks to Jack Herer's combination of Haze, Northern Lights, and Skunk, this strain also provides a relaxing Indica high. The aroma of Jack Herer Automatic is Haze-like and peppery. It has a strong flavor and aroma, with distinct notes of tropical fruit, Sour Haze, and spices.

CBD GWS [CBD 1:1] is JustSeeds's team favorite, ideal for medical purposes, as a day weed or for those who do not like to be hammered down by their smocking sessions. The taste is very sweet with a hint of spices. For those seeking high yields in a shockingly short amount of time, CBD Great White Shark is the ideal strain because she may really grow incredibly bountiful crops quickly (7-9 weeks of flowering). After that, you'll be able to fill your pantry with delicious buds that are high in CBD. Although she performs well both indoors and outside, she is at her best in dry, temperate, or Mediterranean settings.

In order to produce sturdy, healthy, and durable plants with thin, elongated leaves and long internode spacing, the CBD Nepal Gold [CBD 1:1] cultivates a robust root system. This allows light to penetrate even the bottom regions of the plant. In fact, it only takes 8 to 9 weeks for a dense coating of very resinous buds to cover its entire body. The flavorful and sweet undertones of chocolate and spices are displayed in this CBD Nepal Gold.

An especially chosen White Widow [AUTO] with high yields was crossed with a Ruderalis Indica hybrid to create the stable, completely autoflowering cultivar known as Auto White Widow. The vigor and power of this Autofem variant were remarkably preserved. Many gardeners will be impressed by this plant because it is reliable and simple to grow. This seed is especially well suited for therapeutic usage because it has CBD levels that are just a little bit greater than the regular White Widow. Plants grow to a height of about 150 cm, and if grown under ideal conditions, they can produce yields of up to 250 grams per plant, outperforming the majority of other Autoflowering types that are now on the market.

Gorilla Glue [AUTO] is a quick-flowering hybrid that takes about 8 to 9 weeks to complete. It grows quickly and easily and yields large buds that are heavily coated in resin. It should come as no surprise that, as the Autoflowering variant of the monster yielder, she will perform at her best whether you choose to cultivate indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse. We advise either employing SOG and SCROG growing methods or exposing the plant to warm, sunny outdoor settings for the best outcomes. Auto Gorilla Glue's flavor and aroma include delectable undertones of spices and sweet fruits. Your ability to completely relax will be this strain's most notable quality. After that, you might anticipate experiencing joy and bliss. After using Gorrila Glue, users can anticipate having a strong hunger stimulant. 

Saparot Skunk [FEM], an indica-dominant plant, is another another female Holland hybrid on our portfolio. She has an impressive Pineapple X Skunk #1 X Cheese paternal genome. The full flowers release a fruity banana aroma with earthy overtones reminiscent of Cheesetraits grown in this soil. This cross-breeding produced a disease-resistant plant whose flowering period lasts only 56–63 days. For the true plant enthusiast, these plants are more than a satisfying option. It's a massive product with a massive result. An powerful flavor and aroma with elements of cheese, earth, and bananas may be found in "Saparot Skunk." His potent effects are primarily physically relaxing, making them ideal for a relaxing afternoon.

One of the most well-known strains of all time, Just Seeds - Northern Light [FEM] is a 100% Indica that is recognized for its extremely sticky buds, quick flowering, and toughness when developing. It is one of the primary three breeding strains that have been used to develop innumerable well-known hybrids, including Sour Diesel, Shiva Skunk, Super Silver Haze, Silver Pearl, to name just a few. It is a descendent of heirloom Afghani landrace types. This plant was establishing the criteria by which other Indica strains are currently still assessed. It dominated several harvest celebrations for more than ten years. The crystal-coated blossoms give off a scent that is strongly sweet and spicy. It takes between 45 and 50 days to harvest.

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