Rapé - Non Indigenous - De Guarana  - 1
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Rapé - Non Indigenous - De Guarana  - 1
Rapé - Non Indigenous - De Guarana  - 2

Rapé - Non Indigenous - De Guarana

Awaken your senses and your mind with this powerful burst of Guarana rapé which will generate a potent state of alertness. Toss out that cup of coffee – guarana has a much higher caffeine content to get you up and going! And the best of all, it is completely natural!

  • 10 Grams
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Guarana Rapé

To awaken the mind, guarana (paullinia cupana) has a high caffeine content which naturally and powerfully stimulates, generating a state of alertness.

Guarana serves a very sacred role as a powerful and magical plant that has helped many people in Amazonian tribes stay alert, focused and awake. The hazelnut seeds of the vine grow in the Amazon in Brazil.

Slight rap variations

Although rapé is made following a certain recipe, the recipe is considered more of a guideline rather than something "written in stone." A shaman or healer will sometimes slightly change the ratio of ingredients or the time of harvest following their intuition. Please keep in mind that due to the natural qualities of the ingredients used in rapé, each batch may naturally vary in strength, scent or color.


In our journey to create a product that is as sustainable as possible, we have chosen to use glass bottles instead of plastic ones. We strive to contribute as little as possible to the production of plastic (waste), so we ask everyone to keep the Rapé pots delivered and reuse them for other purposes. We are also developing a glass bottle recycling program.

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