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Cannabis Chocolate Spread

Cannabis Chocolate Spread

Organic Cannabis Chocolade Spread

The Cannabis Chocolate spread has CBD properties infused with chocolate. The only difference is the use. It can be applied on bread or pancakes. The raw cacao and coconut sugar are used to liven up the taste of the CBD. It has numerous nutritious value for the body, both preventive and curative.

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The cannabis chocolate spread is made from purely extracted CBD from cannabis and pure cacao. The purity of these two main products is important to maintain the quality and intended purpose. The spread can be enhanced using oils such as hemp seed oil. This mixture is a sure guarantee to healthy living as it provides energy, carbohydrates, proteins and fibre. The final product can be used to be spread on bread.

 People with difficulty to consume cannabis products in its raw form can now use this organic chocolate spread for their breakfast. A small quantity on the bread is enough to kick off your day. It will help in alleviating pain, reducing inflammation or improving body functions. The hygiene and professional processes used to make the chocolate spread is above board. Compared to other products in the market, the Organic Cannabis Chocolate Spread has all its ingredients 100% natural extracted.


Cannabis Bakehouse produces the spread in 280g cans.  Everyone can use it, but sparingly. You can get a 280g can of organic cannabis chocolate spread to energize you the whole day. Buy Cannabis Chocolate Spread from Cannabis Bakehouse online!

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