Psilocybe Cubensis - PURPLE MISTIC - Mycotek Inject & Forget Growkit
Psilocybe Cubensis - PURPLE MISTIC - Mycotek Inject & Forget Growkit
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Psilocybe Cubensis - PURPLE MISTIC - Mycotek...
Psilocybe Cubensis - PURPLE MISTIC - Mycotek...

Psilocybe Cubensis - PURPLE MISTIC - Mycotek Inject & Forget Growkit


1 x syringe with Psilocybe Cubensis Purple Mistic liquid culture

1 x alcohol swab

1 x sterile substrate (1200ml) growbox

1 x unicorn grow bag

2 x paper clips

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Discover the mystery and allure of the Psilocybe Cubensis Purple Mystic with the Mycotek Inject & Forget Growkit. Originally found in a cow pasture in East Plant City, Florida, the Purple Mystic strain was later stabilized by several cultivators. Its unique purplish cap distinguishes it from other strains, captivating the curious minds of mycologists and enthusiasts alike.

Striking Features:

Cap: Medium-sized and bell-shaped in youth, transitioning to an almost flat appearance with age. A captivating blend of reddish to golden brown is complemented by a mesmerizing purple tinge. The partial veil of young specimens soon ruptures, leaving no remnants on the cap edge. The interior flesh is pure white, though it may bruise to a bluish-green hue.

Gills: Starting as a grayish-purple, they mature into an almost black shade, either broadly or narrowly attached.

Stem: Thin, often long, and yellowish, it bruises bluish and is hollow. A purplish-brown ring from fallen spores adds to its mystique.

Spores: Intriguingly, they are not quite elliptical.

Spore Print: A dark, enchanting purplish-brown.

Habitat: Growing wild on cow dung, this strain also enjoys horse dung and thrives on various substrates.


While it's debated whether the effects vary from one cube strain to another, Purple Mystic ensures the classic alterations that cubes are known for. From mood enhancement and temporary changes in thinking to intense hallucinations at higher doses, the Purple Mystic experience is a voyage shaped by individual factors.

Potency and Dosage:

Despite claims of being the most potent cube strain, independent confirmation is elusive. Hence, careful dosage experimentation with a large, thoroughly mixed batch of powdered form can help in determining the appropriate amount for desired effects.

Toxicity, Safety, & Side Effects:

Like other cubes, Purple Mystic requires mindful utilization. Embracing a relaxed, positive mindset in a peaceful setting, employing a trip-sitter, and taking time to process the experience are critical. Following these guidelines will ensure a rewarding journey with this mysterious strain.

The Mycotek Inject & Forget Growkit Advantage:

Mycotek's Inject & Forget Growkit is the perfect companion for cultivating Purple Mystic. Designed for efficiency and simplicity, this growkit opens the doors to exploring one of Psilocybe Cubensis's enigmatic strains.

Step into the world of Purple Mystic and let the Mycotek Inject & Forget Growkit be your guide to an enthralling and unforgettable journey with this unique strain.

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