Psilocybe Cubensis - GOLDMEMBER - Mycotek Inject & Forget Growkit
Psilocybe Cubensis - GOLDMEMBER - Mycotek Inject & Forget Growkit
Psilocybe Cubensis - GOLDMEMBER - Mycotek...
Psilocybe Cubensis - GOLDMEMBER - Mycotek...

Psilocybe Cubensis - GOLDMEMBER - Mycotek Inject & Forget Growkit


1 x syringe with Psilocybe Cubensis - Goldmember liquid culture

1 x alcohol swab

1 x sterile substrate (1200ml) growbox

1 x unicorn grow bag

2 x paper clips

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Embrace the mystical fusion of two renowned strains in the Psilocybe Cubensis - Goldmember - Mycotek Inject & Forget Growkit. This hybrid strain represents an extraordinary accomplishment in the field of mycology, offering both visual allure and intense potency.

The Heritage: Golden Teacher and Penis Envy

Golden Teacher: A timeless favorite among magic mushroom enthusiasts, Golden Teacher is celebrated for its shining golden-yellow caps and the profound wisdom it imparts to those who partake. Known for its gentle spiritual journey and rich visual experiences, it has become a symbol of magic mushrooms worldwide.

Penis Envy: A strain that promises a potent and immersive psychedelic experience, Penis Envy is unique in its appearance and power. Rumored to be developed by the famous Terence McKenna, it is an influential Psilocybe Cubensis variant that invites users to explore new dimensions of consciousness.

Developed over a painstaking year, Goldmember unites the best traits of its parent strains. Spores Lab's Master Grower carefully selected the finest isolates of Golden Teacher and Penis Envy, nurturing the resulting hybrid to perfection. It consistently yields large, dense, and beautifully bruised mushrooms, a testament to its exceptional genetic composition.

What sets Goldmember apart is not only its extraordinary appearance but also its intense potency. Tested using the cutting-edge PSILO-Q Test kit, this hybrid was found to contain an impressive 2% tryptamine content, far surpassing the average Psilocybe Cubensis mushroom, which typically contains between 0.6% and 0.8% tryptamine content.


  • Habitat: Goldmember thrives in enriched soils, such as Grains, Bovine/Equine Dung, and specially recommended MYCO-PRO™ Spawn Medium & MYCO-PRO™ Fruiting Medium.

  • Climate: This strain flourishes best in a subtropical environment, reflecting its exotic origins.

  • Cap: Ranging from 20-50 mm in diameter, the cap transforms from concave to slightly convex at maturity. Its colors transition from reddish-brown to a captivating golden caramel or amber. The flesh is distinctively white and soon shows blue bruising.

  • Stem: With a length between 50-100+ mm, the stem is bright white and readily bruises blue where injured. A lingering ring from the partial veil becomes coated with purple-brown spores as it matures.

  • Gills: The gills demonstrate a grayish hue in young fruit bodies, which turns almost black as they mature. Their attachment is adnate to adnexed.

  • Spores: The spores are of a dark purplish-brown shade, and they form a subellipsoid pattern on 4-spored basidia.

  • Conclusion: An Experience Beyond Imagination

Psilocybe Cubensis - Goldmember - Mycotek Inject & Forget Growkit is not just a product; it's a journey into the magical world of mushrooms. Its unique blend of visual beauty, intense potency, and ease of cultivation offers something truly extraordinary. Whether you are a seasoned cultivator or just beginning your exploration, Goldmember invites you to discover a mushroom strain that transcends the ordinary.

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