Psilocybe Cubensis - WHITE RABBIT - Mycotek Inject & Forget Growkit
Psilocybe Cubensis - WHITE RABBIT - Mycotek Inject & Forget Growkit
Psilocybe Cubensis - WHITE RABBIT - Mycotek...
Psilocybe Cubensis - WHITE RABBIT - Mycotek...

Psilocybe Cubensis - WHITE RABBIT - Mycotek Inject & Forget Growkit


1 x syringe with Psilocybe Cubensis White Rabbit liquid culture

1 x alcohol swab

1 x sterile substrate (1200ml) growbox

1 x unicorn grow bag

2 x paper clips

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Immerse yourself in the allure of the White Rabbit (WR), an ethereal albino Psilocybe variant, expertly crafted from the union of the esteemed Albino Penis Envy and Moby Dick strains.

With its lineage tracing back to strains renowned for their unparalleled psilocybin concentrations, the White Rabbit effortlessly inherits their psychedelic prowess. It's not surprising that many are touting it as one of the most formidable contenders within the Psilocybe cubensis domain.

Despite being a newcomer, the White Rabbit has swiftly captured attention with its mesmerizing attributes. Adorned with a grandiose white cap and stem, the White Rabbit stands out. While dominantly white, this strain isn’t a strict albino – a hint of pigment can occasionally be seen, especially when exposed to light during its growth.

Bearing the hallmarks of its esteemed ancestors, White Rabbit mushrooms exude extraordinary psilocybin levels, challenging even legendary strains such as Penis Envy and Tidal Wave in terms of their psychedelic depth.

It’s imperative to note that a mushroom's psilocybin content, regardless of its inherent potency, can vary based on cultivation methods. Under the most conducive environments, White Rabbit's psilocybin concentration could reach an impressive 1.60%.

While the White Rabbit awaits its debut at the celebrated Oakland Hyphae Psilocybin Cup, it’s worth noting that its precursor, Albino Penis Envy, clinched the fourth spot in the 2021 edition, earning accolades for its soaring psilocybin content.

The renowned cultivator, Dr. Greythumb, showcased the mushroom that achieved this feat, registering an astonishing 1.73% in PCB (Psilocybin) concentration. Other entries of the Albino Penis Envy from various growers fluctuated between 1.13% and 1.55%.

Although these figures don't provide a direct gauge of the White Rabbit’s potency, they hint at the astronomical potential it possesses when cultivated under ideal conditions.

Mycotek Inject & Forget Growkit:

Harvesting the unparalleled essence of the White Rabbit has never been more streamlined. The Mycotek Inject & Forget Growkit is tailored for both novices and seasoned mushroom cultivators. This kit simplifies the cultivation journey with its pre-sterilized components and an intuitive methodology. By leveraging this kit, cultivators can anticipate bountiful yields of the pristine White Rabbit while significantly reducing contamination risks. Embark on a mesmerizing cultivation voyage with White Rabbit and witness the magic of the Psilocybe cubensis realm.

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