Alacabenzi - Growkit 100% Mycelium  - 1
Alacabenzi - Growkit 100% Mycelium  - 2
Alacabenzi - Growkit 100% Mycelium  - 1
Alacabenzi - Growkit 100% Mycelium  - 2

Alacabenzi - Growkit 100% Mycelium

Alacabenzi, psilocybe cubensis growkit made by Mycotek.

100% Mycelium.

  • 1200 ml
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The name itself may be a mantra, Alacabenzi cubensis offers an altered reality, creating more physical and spatial effects, with a feeling of head and body relaxation at lower dosages and more equilibrium distortion at higher dosages. A great choice for beginners who may be wary of an overly intense hallucinogenic ride, this strain can produce results that closely resemble the effects of potent foods. Like an amusement park in an amusement park, where the world is suddenly tilted, Alacabenzi's tendency to affect balance and get tall and deep means that beginners may want to stay close. home until the optimal dosage is found.

The Alacabenzi magic mushroom (Psilocybe Cubensis Alacabenzi) is believed to be a cross between the Golden Teacher cubensis strain and Psilocybe mexicana or Mexican cubensis and Alabama cubensis. While the Mexicans are known for their strength and spiritual aspects, the Alabamans are known for its size. This strain was first cataloged in 2001 and is highly domesticated due to its strong resistance to contamination, sporulation and invasion.

The Alacabenzi mushroom is known for its shamanic properties very similar to its source Mexican cubensis.

The Alacabenzi Cubensis is an ideal choice for newbies who prefer to practice caution with a powerful and intense hallucinogenic ride. Alacabenzi magic mushrooms are known to produce huge fruits in the wild, in the commercial setting they produce beautiful, symmetrical and very consistent fruits.

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