Cvault Boveda® Pak 62% - M (8g)  - 1

Cvault Boveda® Pak 62% - M (8g)

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The 8 gram Boveda® Pak is used for the small, medium, large and extra-large sizes of the CVault.

The 2-way humidity control work is continually adapting to the outside temperature and climate - either adding or subtracting humidity - as needed to maintain a 62% relative humidity (RH) level inside the package.

Boveda® 62% patented technology ensures a relative humidity of 62% with a humidity variation of approx. 1%.

Without adjustments, just pop the Boveda® into place inside the CVault, and after 24 to 48 hours your product will be at a perfect relative humidity (62%). The paks are disposable and can be easily seen when it is time to change them. You will begin to notice that the interior of the Boveda® begins to granulate. Once the entire package is solid, replace your Boveda®. Just insert a new Boveda® and you're done again.

1. Dry the plant material to a relative humidity of 54-59%. The logs should creak and break easily when bent.

2. Place dried plant material in CVault containers - 1 additional Boveda Pak per CVault is recommended for main curing

3. Close the lid - no further maneuvering of the plant material is required. However, it will not hurt to open the lid every other day just to check the condition.

4. For the next 6 to 7 days the Boveda Pak works by adding or removing the moisture necessary to stabilize the optimal moisture in the plant material.

5. The longer you can leave on the CVault after day 7, the better the cure and the final product. In fact from 14 days approx. your plant material will begin the process of good healing.

6. After 15 days you will be positively surprised, the smoking experience is simply better and will continue to improve in the next 15 days still

We recommend a prolonged drying of 10 to 14 days before putting the vegetable matter in the containers.

CVault Boveda® Pak 62% - M (8g) Specifications

Brand CVault

Model: M

Boveda® Pak

Envelope for humidity regulation at 62%


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CVault Boveda® Pak 62% - M (8g)

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