Tightvac 0,12 liter Mini Clear Green Tint, Green Tint Cap

Tightvac 0,12 liter Mini Clear Green Tint, Green Tint Cap

Vacuum jars are used to store coffee without accessing air from the environment, thereby extending its freshness and longer flavor.

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In practice, this travel package is invaluable and our entire team has enjoyed it! Imagine the situation that you're going to nature with friends for the weekend, just under the tent or just do not want to pull a lot of things. Can you get some coffee from the stand? Will you survive without coffee? Whoever has experienced such a situation knows that both are a great evil. The solution is to make a coffee in a travel vacuum box and take frenchpress or a popular drink kettle and a gas burner. You can not imagine how great it is in the wild to make this fresh coffee :-) Try it too!

Vacuum jars are suitable for storing coffee beans as well as freshly ground coffee. They prevent air access and delay the processes of coffee oxidation and thus degradation. Coffeevac cans can not drain all the air in the bowl, but prevent the release of aroma and fresh air.

Coffeevac boxes are an ideal and inexpensive tool for storing coffee and should not be missed by anyone who thinks seriously about coffee.

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