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Lost Pearl takes the finest old-school indica genetics and ups the ante with max flavour and a first-rate high. Providing a huge tropical hit that doesn't wane after an entire joint, this indica-dominant hybrid offers up so much more than the usual strain.

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From the folks at Greenhouse Seeds comes a strain with some impressive parentage, and some equally awesome traits of her own. Hailing from Silver Pearl IBL, Lost Pearl hearkens back to an original Greenhouse Seeds strain from the 90s. After backcrossing one of the best and fruitiest phenos, Lost Pearl came into being. A self-dubbed “old-school” indica-dominant hybrid (70% indica, 30% sativa), she offers up some great tropical aromas and flavours that will please all palates.

Fast to finish, Lost Pearl is an effortless grow. She takes just 7–8 weeks to flower and can flourish both indoors and out. Whether you're new to the task or a seasoned pro, Lost Pearl isn't going to give you any hassle. She remains fairly petite and doesn't stretch too much. A little pruning will keep her growth in line. The dense buds she produces flash a thick coating of pearly white resin. Producing a medium-large yield, Lost Pearl will definitely reward you richly for growing her.

As soon as you've harvested, dried, and cured her buds, one of the first things you'll notice is her mouth-watering aroma. Upon unscrewing that lid to your stash jar, you'll be met with a tropical sweet fruitiness reminiscent of the original Silver Pearl. The taste of Lost Pearl is very similar, holding onto that tropical sweetness, but amping things up a couple notches. These flavours are backed up by hints of strawberry and earthy notes, making for a very well-rounded and rich smoke that deserves to be savoured.

With a reasonably high THC content, the high Lost Pearl produces is very physical and fast-acting, without any of the fogginess or lethargic feelings that other indica strains can have. This is one indica you can get away with smoking during the daytime.


Brand Greenhouse Seeds

Genetics 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

Parents Silver Pearl IBL

Flowering Time 7-8 weeks

THC Medium


Yield (Indoor) Medium

Yield (Outdoor) Medium

Height (Indoor) Medium

Height (Outdoor) Medium

Available as Feminized seeds

Flowering Type Photoperiod

Sex Feminized

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