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Jack Herer is a name recognised across the global cannabis community. Signifying both the title of the renowned cannabis activist, as well as a hearty sativa hybrid, Jack Herer Auto is the newest addition to this famed family. Reliable and speedy growth meets large yields of sumptuous sativa flowers boasting a balanced mind-body high. In just nine weeks, all these spoils are yours to enjoy.

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This legendary winner of the infamously competitive 1994 High Times Cannabis Cup is named after the iconic proponent of legalization. As such, it is only fitting to introduce a modern spin on this cannabis classic. The foundation of Jack Herer Auto has remained pure, preserving the best traits of the original JH, only without the extended wait time. Genetically, Jack Herer Auto maintains the sativa dominance of its prized parent, but now includes a healthy serving of ruderalis to gift this cultivar with the autoflowering trait.

For a long time, cannabis growers avoided autoflowering varieties due to their lacklustre potency and yield potential. Jack Herer Auto turns this stereotype on its head, featuring large yields of THC-rich buds in record time. Topping out at between 80–100cm in height, this lady is perfect for stealth growers who don’t want to compromise on yield. After 7 weeks of flowering (with a 9-week total grow cycle), this sativa-dominant auto is capable of delivering a sensational 700g/m² inside, or 80–100g/plant in the great outdoors. Not only does this cultivar move successfully through flowering without a change in light cycle, its natural resilience means it can be grown at any time of year, as long as temperatures don’t dip below 10°C.

Once buds are cured and in the jar, it’s finally time to enjoy the concoction of cannabinoids and terpenes bursting from the trichomes. When it comes to the smoke, tingling citrus notes mingle with an electrifying peppery musk. The flavour is rounded out with earthy Skunk notes and a hint of mint for good measure. A smooth-hitting strain, Jack Herer Auto contains medium levels of THC, initiating a balanced mind-body effect that soothes muscles and inspires creativity. This makes it a perfect option for after the gym, or when working on artistic projects. Still, after a few tokes, a stoney feeling will set in that tells you it’s time to just zone out and relax.

Ultimately, the activist Jack Herer did not live to see his dreams of ending prohibition come to light, but his efforts made today’s legalization progress possible. Jack Herer Auto is yet another reminder of just how important this man is to the cannabis community, and to the history of the entire legalization movement.


Brand Greenhouse Seeds

Genetics Ruderalis/Indica/Sativa

Parents Jack Herer x ruderalis

Flowering Time 9-10 weeks from seed to harvest

THC Medium

Yield (Indoor) 650-700 gr/m²

Yield (Outdoor) 50-100 gr/plant

Height (Indoor) 100cm

Height (Outdoor) 100cm

Available as Feminized seeds

Flowering Type Autoflowering

Sex Feminized

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