How can cannabis be a cure for COVID-19?

Confinement, vaccination, remote work, exit under certificate… The world has been fighting this epidemic for 3 years now, constantly adapting the lifestyle to its situation. According to statistics, data on care and the decrease in contagions are not yet sufficient to announce the end of covid 19.

However, an American study was published on Monday, January 10, 22, a news that could potentially put an end to this virus. According to scientist Richard Van Breemen, cannabis is possibly a cure for covid. Discover in this article all the information on this subject.

What is cannabis?

Cannabis use is often prohibited by the government

Cannabis is a plant species categorized as a soft drug, since THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) does not allow its users to overdose. Although it does not cause death or physical repercussions on people’s health, it is still banned in many countries such as France. Hemp remains a taboo subject, due to its psychoactive nature that worries and questions many people about the impact on mental health.

And yet, cannabis has been used by humans since the Neolithic era! Its usefulness did not stop at consumption, but also extended to industrial and agricultural uses. Do you know? Cannabis fibres were used in the design of military clothing during the Second World War, before being replaced by synthetic fibres.

Often prized for psychotropic and recreational use, hemp is gradually legalized and recognized for its medicinal virtues throughout the world. Canada, for example, is the first G7 country to vote to legalize hemp in June 2018.

Cannabis, a barrier effect for public health

The analyses carried out by researchers from Oregon State University (OSU) and Oregon Health and Science University (University of Health and Science) were not only done on cannabis. The trials also included plant varieties such as licorice, hops, red clover and wild yam. The initial objective was to determine the existence of a plant that would show affinities with the covid 19 spike protein.

Cannabis is effective in blocking covid 19 chemical receptors

The covid 19 spike protein is the key element that allows the virus to bind to the outer parts of human cells. By blocking its chemical receptors, this would make the disease ineffective, unable to deploy in the human body. It was after several tests that American researchers discovered the plant with the expected effects; cannabis.

Marijuana, also known as hemp, is not only composed of molecules with psychoactive principles such as THC. Cannabis is also composed of molecules named CBG-A (cannabigerol) and CBD-A (cannabidiol acid). These two acids are naturally present in its DNA, in addition to being abundant. It is therefore thanks to these last two that the research has generated a positive result, in the face of the covid spike protein.

However, it should be noted that it is not possible to enjoy its virtues against covid 19 with direct ingestion. Be careful, the effects of marijuana by eating a space cake or a smoking joint will not be useful vis-à-vis the disease. Its effectiveness is only revealed by the extraction and manipulation of CBD-A and CBG-A, so that they consume as a drug.

Cannabis is effective against covid 19 variant Alpha and Beta

The data obtained following the tests on the Alpha and Beta variant were positive, suggesting the possibility of protecting patients from the Omicron variant, but also from new mutations. To conclude this research, the scientific discovery offers two solutions against covid 19: that of preventing the virus from spreading to other human cells and that of preventing future transmissions.

According to the interview with researcher Richard Van Breemen, marijuana is a plant whose influence on people’s health exceeds the capabilities of other varieties. He considers this plant exceptional since it is rich in unique compounds and is able to reach the human bloodstream efficiently. These assets can therefore give hope for the design of a cannabis-based medicine, a remedy in addition to vaccination.

A study waiting for an update

Following this positive discovery, a number of points still need to be addressed before cannabis becomes a useful solution for public health. The next objective would be to be able to offer care in oral doses, a product that the population can consume safely.

It is a challenge whose navigation remains tumultuous, since cannabis is subject to legal issues, in addition to testifying to the constant changes in authorizations and regulations.

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