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Magic Mushrooms, Hallucinogenic Mushrooms, Magic Mushrooms, Mush, Champotte. What is it really?

A bit of history about the magic mushroom.

The consumption of psilocybin mushrooms dates back to the dawn of time, it is even thought that prehistoric humans enjoyed their psychedelic effects.
Some scientists argue that magic mushrooms are the only explanation for the sudden increase in the size and intelligence of the human brain (see “the Stoned Ape Hypothesis“).
A dose of psilocybe cubensis can be consumed in the form of fresh or dried mushrooms, raw or cooked, powdered or whole, in tea….
The species of magic mushrooms are very numerous, there are no less than 200 around the world, and it is even possible to grow magic mushrooms at home, it is a very satisfying hobby when it comes time to harvest.

The stone ape theroy.

How to grow the hallucinogenic mushroom, and grow guide.

To grow hallucinogenic mushrooms at home, nothing could be easier, there are two ways to achieve it:

-All-in-one growkits, with mycelium already growing in the culture kit (mycelium does not contain psilocybin so these kits are legal in most European countries because no psychoactive substances are present).
This is the preferred method for beginners or experienced myconauts, using this technique the mushroom enthusiast with high psilocybin content usually gains two weeks compared to the No 2 technique.
Indeed, by benefiting from offers for sale in the Netherlands, your psilocybin mushroom growkit has already begun its colonization process of cultured bread making the consumption of your mushrooms faster.
We estimate that 90% of lovers of magic mushrooms or hallucinogenic mushrooms prefer this technique simply because it is the fastest way to get psilocybin at home, at a lower cost, without specific equipment or knowledge.
(See our complete guide to growing a magic mushroom growkit)

-The 100% homemade culture trays, this technique is for expert myconauts, however the PF TEK is still feasible by everyone, with a little patience of rigor and the required material, you will be able to produce your own magic mushrooms with high psilocybin content with the satisfaction of having your 100% homemade psilocin, It seems that 100% homemade hallucinogenic mushrooms give more cheerful hallucinations, but some say that it is a myth and that the level of psilocybin remains the same with classic magic mushroom growkit and 100% homemade hallucinogenic mushroom cultures, it is true that the substance remains the same, All of this is usually a matter of perception.

magic mushroom

The cultivation of magic mushrooms outdoors.

YES, it is possible to make your own “patch” of magic mushrooms in (your?) garden/forest/undergrowth.
This is probably the best secret of mycologists looking for mushrooms with psychedelic effects…
The picking of hallucinogenic mushrooms, also called magic mushroom hunting, can be done outside!
In addition to the famous psilocybe semilanceata (lanceolate psilocybe or spearhead psilocybe ) which delights, in the autumn not only cows but also informed psychaunauts, it is now possible to prepare your ground for the cultivation not only of one species of magic mushrooms but two! And these are among the strongest hallucinogenic mushrooms providing a trip usually
very strong in psilocybin and of course hallucinations .
These are Psilocybe Cyanescens and Psilocybe Azurescens.

These two species are available in “spin”. Thanks to this growkit (spawn) you will be able to make your own patch of magic mushrooms outdoors, it requires a little preparation but again the process is quite simple, the spawn provided will colonize the substrate that you will prepare in your garden, and if it is well done you will have a harvest every fall, yes EVERY year, with only one spawn… This secret is jealously guarded and only some online shop offers you cultivation kit for hallucinogenic mushrooms to buy on the internet.
Be careful however we are talking about shrooms with very high content of psilocybin and psilocin these mushrooms will provide very sustained hallucinations a bad trip is always possible it is necessary to respect these mushrooms and their consumption must be done in a specific framework to avoid any disorders during the trip.
Some of these fungi are used as a treatment, we will come back to this later.

How to make your own mushroom patch in your garden? Follow the grow guide HERE.

Psilocybe Azurescens

What is the effect of magic mushrooms?

What to expect when consuming hallucinogenic mushrooms?
Myconauts will be subject to hallucinations, alteration of perception.
In high doses there will be an alteration of colors and shapes, kaleidoscopic vision, visual hallucinations but also auditory, tactile and synesthetic.

It should be noted, however, that this will depend on the species consumed, the amount of psilocybin (the psychoactive substance), your state of mind and a host of other parameters.
Do some research to get the best results, there are a lot of trip reports online.

Where to get hallucinogenic mushroom?

In this article we focus on the cultivation of fresh mushrooms (containing psilocybin), but it is possible to get magic truffles, it is a fresh mushroom, or rather a sclerotia, strong in psilocybin, not to be confused with the growkit of hallucinogenic mushrooms which are often Cubensis.
Where to buy these mushrooms? We recommend the site it is a trusted site and there is everything you need for culture, and consumption.

trippy halluciogene fungus

Which mushrooms contain psilocybin? (containing psilocybin)

The list is long!, there are more than 200 species of magic mushrooms.
Here is the list of European species of hallucinogenic mushrooms:

























But also the famous mushrooms amanita kills fly (the amanita kills fly) “amanita muscaria” this red magic mushroom with white dot that everyone knows.

The success of microdoses of hallucinogenic mushrooms

Since about 2017 microdoses of LSD have been popular, soon after microdoses of magic mushrooms naturally arrived in psychoactive communities.
The goal of microdosing, and to enjoy the benefits of mushrooms without having psychedelic effects.
Microdosers use this technique to boost their creativity or to test the effect of microdosing on their mental health for example, indeed psilocybin has many health benefits .

Microdoses of mushrooms are often made “home-made” from dried cubensis or simply with commercial magic truffles found in online smartshops such as

Containingmushroom in microdoses can be good for your health, but beware of harmful effects such as increased blood pressure.
As you have understood, consuming hallucinogenic mushrooms containing psilocybin is a
question of dose you should never abuse these substances and consume them in moderation because nowadays mushrooms are still considered a drug, a form of drug that one day will be considered a treatment but public opinion in its current state is not ready for this, Even in our neighbors in the Netherlands psilocybin and still frowned upon although magic truffles are available for sale everywhere, dried mushrooms are even still banned in the Netherlands, since 2008.

Magic mushroom microdose containing psilocybin

The conservation of magic mushrooms.

After harvesting your hallucinogenic mushrooms (grows or harvests in nature), personally I advise you to clean each mushroom at the base, then place them on a sheet of sopalin, turn them from time to time until they are completely dried.

Then they will have to be stored in a CVAULT jar, but there is another solution for sale to store your substances and your dose of psilocybin.
In this state they are ready for consumption and full of psilocin, however it is acceptable to consume them when in a state of fresh mushrooms.

Generally the consumption of dried mushrooms is the equivalent of half of a fresh magic mushroom. For example, if you consume 1G of fresh mushrooms, then for a dried mushroom you will need 0.5G. Simply because psilocybin is more concentrated in dried mushrooms . It will therefore be necessary to take the dose of substance in accordance with the perception and your tolerance to hallucinogens, in some the consumption of a dose of 1G dried is considerable while the consumption of 0.2G can be a high dose of psilocin for another person, so pay attention to the dose and your consumption with this substance.

CVAULT ideal for storing psilocybin.

The potential therapeutic uses of magic mushrooms and psilocybin.

Mushrooms containing psilocybin (hallucinogens) are among the substances that are the subject of much research (research), the properties of these drugs are being studied because there is an effect on the brain, apart from hallucinations, psilocin and mushrooms containing psilocin would promote connections in the human brain, Reducing depression disorders for example, it is not impossible that in the near future treatments based on a dose of hallucinogenic psilocybin will be available for sale, as the health benefits seem promising.
Psilocybin has not finished revealing all these secrets, however, treatment based on hallucinogens high in psilocybin seems to solve many disorders that some suffer from without finding an adequate solution.

psilocybin and the psilocybin

Fantastic fungi, a documentary showing magic mushrooms and psilocybin in a new light thanks to the work of Paul Stamets.

We recommend this superb documentary, including the intervention of the famous Paul Stamets, his understanding of hallucinogens and his baggage we participate in the democratization of psilocybin, in the film we even see an amanita muscaria .
Paul tells us about his experience with psilocybe and other drugs (or substances).
In the documentary available on Netflix Paul come back to his trip under psilocin and its high dose (too high dose!) which had a phenomenal impact on his health, psilocin changed his life in a way that no other drug similar to psilocybin could.

psilocybin in documentary form.

Recent scientific studies and their results concerning the perception of the fungus

There are many studies available, but here is the latest publication in the very serious magazine NATURE.COM:

This research on health and psilocybin is very interesting, their opinions about these drugs is remarkable.

Many other studies are underway, including several on the fly agaric. The results will be available online.

Drug studies and effect on blood pressure

How to stop the effects of hallucinogenic mushrooms?

In case of bad trip it is desirable to have on hand a “trip stopper”, these are maltodextrin capsules, and sedatives such as valerian.
The bad trip is often due to a fear, misunderstanding of the trip under silo, so it will first calm down and accept the magic mushrooms, put your favorite piece of music and surround you with friends, it will be fine!


You probably have the key ingredient in your kitchen.

THE THERAPEUTIC POTENTIAL OF MAGIC MUSHROOMS IS UNDENIABLE. Many studies show that psilocybin — a psychoactive compound in magic mushrooms — can rebalance the brain and can help treat psychiatric disorders such as PTSD, anxiety, and depression. A study published in April went further: compared to the conventional antidepressant Lexapro, psilocybin is a more effective antidepressant.

But with powerful drugs, there are usually unwanted side effects. One of the most common for psilocybin seems to be nausea. Most psilocybin studies list headache as one of the most common adverse side effects experienced by participants. Some participants also report vomiting, but vomiting is less common than just feeling like vomiting. Above all, the nausea was not enough to spoil the experience – the results of these participants were ultimately positive.

Perhaps the thought of vomiting — or just feeling like vomiting — is enough to deter you from therapy. Of course, for those with emetophobia, a fear of vomiting, or simply a weak stomach, the aversion can be even more acute. However, there may be a trick to significantly reduce possible nausea: a common staple in the kitchen may be what attracts the most people with psilocybin therapy.


The gut is sometimes called “the second brain” because it relies on many of the same neurotransmitters and neurons as the brain. They also share another similarity: the brain is protected by a blood-brain barrier, a filter designed to protect the central nervous system from harmful substances — the gut has a similar barrier.

One of the ways the gut prevents all of these receptors in your stomach from absorbing something that could be harmful is to break down everything that enters it with the help of stomach acid.

Biologist Ian Bollinger told Inverse: “No one has solidly identified an element [of magic mushrooms] that causes nausea.” But, he says, there is a solid theory about an important contributing factor. Bollinger is a researcher at the Hyphae Design Laboratory, which describes itself as “green planners in action” committed to “healthy design.” Last month, Bollinger was the expert psilocybin tester for the first-ever “Psilocybin Cup.”

The theory has to do with what happens when our stomach acid goes to work breaking down the fungus, Bollinger says. One of the things it breaks down is a substance called beta-glucan, which is found in the cell walls of fungi, bacteria, and even some plants like oats. Stomach acid breaks down these cell walls. And the breakdown of beta-glucan, he says, “is usually what people associate with an upset stomach.”

There is strong evidence to support this theory. Some people take beta-glucan supplements for cholesterol and heart health, for example; Possible side effects of these supplements include nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting.

David Gard, a researcher at the TrPR research program at the University of California, San Francisco, which examines the “mechanisms, safety, and efficacy of psychedelics for specific health conditions,” explains that reverse side effects such as nausea can be expected with any therapy.

“Every drug has side effects, and some are quite prohibitive for people,” he says.


If you are legally able to try psilocybin therapy, but are worried about nausea, there is a trick that can essentially “pre-digest” this beta-glucan and help you avoid unwanted side effects.

“Stomach acid has a pH of about two,” says Bollinger — Ph refers to the level of acidity. “Lemon juice also has a pH of about two.”

So here’s what you can do, according to Bollinger:

Grind the mushrooms into a fine powder – this homogenizes the substance, evenly dispersing psilocybin.

Put the powder in a shooting glass.

Pour lemon juice over it and completely immerse the powder.


“Some people say leave it on for 20 minutes, but I think it’s too long,” Bollinger says. “Just the process of stirring exposes the cell walls” to lemon juice – breaking them down.

This process functionally “predigests” this beta-glucan, so your digestive system has less work to do once you consume it. Less work, it is said, equals less risk of disease.


Yes, says Bollinger. Magic mushrooms are associated with psilocybin, but the substance most likely to make you trip into a magic mushroom is actually called psilocin. Once inside the body, psilocybin is converted to psilocin through a process called dephosphorylation. The citrus bath does most of this conversion for you.

“Lemon juice is a low-pH, aqueous solution,” Bollinger says. “Low pH means excessive hydrogens. Putting psilocybin in this solution removes the phosphate group and replaces it with a hydroxyl group. This turns it into psilocin.

As a result, your journey will go much faster, because you don’t have to wait while your body does all this digestion and conversion process – it’s already done. It could also shorten the trip but increase its intensity.

“If you think of the experience as a bell curve,” Bollinger says, “with the effects slowly increasing, peaking and descending, a lemon [bath] will compress it. What you do is accentuate the curve, but you also shorten the length.

Depending on the person, a shorter but more intense experience may be preferable to a long experience. In any case, you should discuss the process with the healthcare professional assisting you before committing to psilocybin therapy.

citrus fruit, mushrooms


While this may help, it is not a guarantee. Bollinger says beta-glucan may not be the only contributing factor to nausea.

“There could be a tryptamine or another compound in the fungus that, when metabolized, makes someone sick,” he says. “This is an area with a lot of unknowns and we need better funding for research.”

For his part, Gard doesn’t see nausea as a barrier for people who have access to psilocybin therapy.

“Psilocybin is usually one dose, which is a drastic change from the typical way antidepressants are prescribed — usually for months or years,” Gard says. “I guess it won’t be a big hurdle because of this single dose of psilocybin — the symptoms far outweigh the side effect of nausea.”

That could change as more states decriminalize psilocybin and psilocybin therapy becomes more common. If so, mental health professionals administering therapy would be wise to keep a few lemons handy.

In conclusion, magic mushrooms with high psilocin content are a wonderful thing that we are only beginning to understand, but the health benefits of psilocin are still too little studied for the general public to take advantage of psilocin has its full health potential, because the sale of a drug with effects similar to LSD even in the form of magic mushrooms (everyone In the lead the Amanita kills fly) is not yet accepted in all the country.

Magic mushrooms, a major health issue.
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