Online smartshop: the advantages at Mycotrop

Different but complementary to the headshop and coffeeshop, this one offers the sale of all kinds of hallucinogenic substances. You will find many advantages at Micotrop such as:

  1. Outstanding customer service: We are aware and attach great importance to human proximity. That’s why we’re committed to providing customer service that is available 6 days a week. Internet users can contact the smartshop by email or instant messaging service, to receive a response ranging from immediate to a few hours.
  2. Fast and discreet delivery: Our online smartshop offers a delivery service for psychedelic products ranging from 3 to 15 days maximum, in addition to being discreet and only to private addresses.
  3. An extensive collection of psychotropic products: Mycotrop’s online catalogue offers a selection of psychedelic products in stock from the Netherlands. You will find a wide range of hallucinogenic substances in each category, such as mushroom grow kits, cannabis seeds or hallucinogenic plant extracts. The online smartshop offers gourmets the sale of edible psychedelic products such as cookies, protein bars but also honey. Confirmed psychonauts will have the choice to consume truffles or hallucinogenic mushrooms sold in growkit format.

Our smartshop prioritizes above all the diversity of its range of products offered to meet the needs of all its customers. The site is then accessible for different types of people, as long as each individual is over 18 years old. The Mycotrop smartshop not only sells natural products and plants; You can also order scales or any other tools useful for the consumption of psychedelic products in the online catalog.

Our recommendations

Find below our range of flagship products from our smartshop, in stock and directly from the Netherlands. Our team took care to concoct a list falling into the category of truffles, edibles and grow kits.

Magic truffles

  1. Psilocybe Tampanensis : This is the magic truffle to know absolutely. Known as the philosopher’s stone, it is not only a unique variety but also the origin of all magic truffles existing on earth. Click here to learn more about this psilocybe.
  2. Psilocybe Hollandia : There is no doubt, this is the most powerful magic truffle in our smartshop. It is only recommended for the most experienced psychonauts, without forgetting the important
    Our recommendations are to dose correctly to avoid making a bad trip.
  3. Psilocybe Pajaritos : Borrowed from the Spanish word “small birds” due to their small sizes, these truffles are particularly pleasant to consume. They make it possible to develop the philosophical, social but also creative aspect.
  4. Psilocybe Mexicana : Also sold in our smartshop in the format of grow kit, this psilocybe is a psychedelic product suitable for beginners. Its power is low and allows you to take on a pleasant trip.
  5. Psilocybe Fantasia : This sclerotia is particularly known for being one of the most powerful in terms of visuals. You will have a good chance of observing breathtaking images in addition to generating strange, unusual thought patterns.

Gourmet products

  1. Cannabis chocolate spread: What could be better than a toast gourmet with chocolate and CBD to taste it? Treat yourself to taste this spread filled with nutritional and healing value at will.
    Cannabis coffee bean: Our coffee beans have the reputation of being the best in Amsterdam. Imagine starting your day with the best combination on earth: coffee and cannabis!
    CBD honey: Honey is what you should definitely try from our list. The anecdote is that no CBD was added. Indeed, plants rich in CBD have been planted near the hives. As a result, the bees naturally took some extracts by harvesting the sugar for the manufacture of honey. An idea that is both ingenious and greedy!
    Cotton candy vanilla: It is a candy that will please many people. Imagine going on a trip gradually by melting a delicious cotton candy on your puck. Space food is both light and subtle, you will find it in different aromas: banana, vanilla, strawberry and orange.

Grow kits

Finally, here are our top 5 different growkits to discover. Let yourself be tempted by the playful aspect of a grow kit. It will certainly take patience before you can start a trip, but the experience is really worth it. Find more information on the first 3 varieties presented by redirecting to this link.

  1. The growkit Moby dick, also available in spawn bag and spores.
  2. The growkit Golden Teacher.
  3. The growkit Copelandia Cyanescens Hawaiian, exclusively at Mycotrop.
  4. The Albino growkit is also available in spawn bag and spores.
  5. The growkit Mc Kennaii.

It is important to remember the legal obligation to be 18 years old when ordering and consuming a hallucinogenic product. You can share your experience with us if you wish or ask us questions by comments. Discover our range of psychedelic products in our online smartshop by clicking here.

Mushroom Cultivation

We also provide grow kits for experts, with our Spawn bags and sterile growboxes live from the Netherlands. You just have to make your mycelium from our spores and liquid culture, then inject it into our kits.

Live from the Netherlands

All our products will be sent to you from Holland, whether it is our collection of cannabis seeds, kanna, cacti, psylo ect … All these natural products are sent discreetly from the Netherlands.

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