Hallucinogenic shrooms: what are the effects on health?

Hallucinogenic mushrooms are often natural products that are confusing. From the point of view of French laws, the cultivation of psilocybe is characterized as illegal, while in some parts of the world it is possible to consume it without suffering criminal sanctions.

From these observations, the question inevitably arises: How is the consumption of hallucinogenic mushrooms harmful to the well-being of its users? Discover through this article the survey conducted by our team, to understand the mechanisms of psilocybin on our health.


  • What are the most hallucinogenic magic mushrooms?

  • Why is the consumption of hallucinogenic mushrooms prohibited?

  • The different effects of hallucinogenic mushrooms

  • Is the hallucinogenic mushroom dangerous or contributes to health well-being?

What are the most hallucinogenic magic mushrooms?

Psilocybe semilanceata

These are the most harvested hallucinogenic mushrooms in France (although the law forbids it!). Indeed, it can easily be found in the four corners of our French territories, especially in Brittany, the Pyrenees and Alsace. As you can see, it is a species that appreciates humid and acidic environments. Also known as psilocybe spearhead, this one is part of one of the most potent strains and is even considered potentially toxic.

Its consumption is likely to cause psychodysleptic syndromes, effects that can lead to serious consequences. Its appearance, although it is particular, is not unique. It is quite possible to confuse these hallucinogenic mushrooms with less harmless species as well as dangerous species; Inocybe geophylla, for example, is a variety to avoid.

Amanita muscaria (Amanita kills fly)

This mushroom may seem very familiar and harmless to you, since it is often found in our good old Disney movies (in Snow White, for example). Rather charming in appearance, the latter should not be consumed carelessly. Amanita kills fly is a variety of hallucinogenic mushroom that contains muscimole. It is an alkaloid that is particularly toxic and is close to what would be defined as a drug.

Just understand the toxicity of this fungus just by its name! Its properties make this variety a powerful insecticide, allowing to kill flies when integrated into a preparation. Also known as false oronge, the latter is used by shamans, for rituals often described as extreme.

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Why is the consumption of hallucinogenic mushrooms prohibited?

According to French laws, the use, possession or even collection of hallucinogenic mushrooms is subject to criminal penalties. The latter have been included in the list of narcotic drugs since 1990, unlike the Netherlands, which is still freely available within its territory.

As you can see, mushrooms are not universally banned, everything is a question of geographical area and politics. But then, why do we ban it in France? According to the French government’s website, the reason is that it is a dangerous product, for oneself and for others. He compares it to the negative effects of LSD:

  • anxiety attacks

  • loss of control

  • Bad trips

  • Risk of death

The fact of using these plants in society can therefore generate risky consequences for individuals around you. Driving under hallucinations, for example, can cause an accident on the road.

What are the sanctions on the consumption of magic mushrooms in France?

According to the website drogue-info-service, the use of hallucinogenic mushrooms can lead to prison sentences of up to one year and a fine that can cost 3750 €. Trafficking, on the other hand, incurs up to 30 years’ imprisonment and a fine of millions.

The effects of hallucinogenic mushrooms

You should know that the effects vary depending on the mushroom we consume. Indeed, each variety has its own quality and meet different needs. Some hallucinogenic mushrooms will boost your creativity, while others will make you want to get closer and connected with nature. But the trip usually begins with the development of our senses, so that our reality ends up being altered gradually. Regarding the side effects of hallucinogenic mushrooms on the physical point, it is possible that your body generates these types of reactions:

  • Nausea

  • Vomiting

  • Diarrhea

Are hallucinogenic mushrooms addictive?

According to addictologist Hervé Martini, hallucinogenic mushrooms are not considered addictive products from a pharmacological point of view. It has no reported withdrawal syndrome from its consumers so far.

Other studies have also been carried out on this subject. The one published in Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology in 2011, for example, states that the possibility of physical and psychological addiction of hallucinogenic mushrooms is low. This is also a study that was requested by the Minister of Health of the Netherlands!

As you can see, consuming hallucinogenic mushrooms will not cause physical dependence and will not create addiction among its users. However, it is possible that some individuals may increase their doses over time, if their consumption becomes frequent. This is a fact that is explained by the development of tolerance to psychedelic effects – these people need more mushrooms to trip in the same way as a novice!

What to do in case of a bad trip?

If you are the person who testifies to a bad trip, we advise you to make the maximum effort to “cooperate” with the mushrooms rather than trying to counter the experience. Rest in a quiet and safe place, and if possible, be in the presence of a trip sitter. It will be necessary to arm yourself with patience, since depending on the doses you have consumed your trip will be more or less long.

For the bravest, exercise like jogging to evacuate the substance faster. Those who need calm can accelerate the descent by consuming:

  • curcumin

  • grape seed extract

  • magnesium

  • apples

  • kale

  • milk thistle

  • hawthorn

  • resveratrol

If you are a trip sitter, the best way to appease someone on a bad trip would be to talk to them calmly at first. Guide your friend through your voice, so they can anchor themselves to reality and realize that they are safe. Remain constantly attentive to your friend’s behaviors and reactions in order to provide him with the most effective support possible.

Is the hallucinogenic mushroom dangerous or contributes to health well-being?

To conclude this survey, we have prepared a list summarizing the benefits as well as the dangers of hallucinogenic mushrooms. As you can make the observations, this remains a subject of debate that dissociates two schools, the one that defines psilocybe as a contributor to well-being and the one that defines it as a source of health hazards.

Everything will depend on the culture and the point of view of each one, which is why we invite you to make up your own mind about it. We will be happy to read your opinions in the comments!

The benefits of hallucinogenic mushrooms

  • Solicits the abandonment of our bad habits

  • Reconnection of different parts of the brain

  • Stimulates creativity

  • Improved mood and mental health

The dangers of hallucinogenic mushrooms

  • Psychiatric risk

  • Very intense bad trips

  • Accidents and therefore a risk of death

  • A loss of control

  • Anxiety attacks

We therefore advise you to follow our advice to live the best mushroom experience safely:

  • Be in the company of a trip sitter during your experience

  • Avoid combining other psychotropic medications with your consumption of hallucinogenic mushrooms

  • Make sure to organize the trip in an environment of calm and trust

  • For a first trip, consider testing your sensitivity by starting with a small dose. In other words, avoid starting with 15 grams of mushrooms!

  • Avoid driving under the influence of psychoactive effects

  • Postpone your trip for another time if you are in a negative state of mind. This can negatively influence your experience

  • Do not take it if you are under 18

  • Trust your suppliers’ recommended dosages

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