Cvault, the best container to store your cannabis.

Whether you are a regular or occasional cannabis user, storing and preserving it is paramount to preserving the quality of your experiences. Discover the vault storage container, the reference of the ideal container to keep your herbs.

Food-grade stainless steel

The cvault storage container is used to keep your grass safe from anything that can degrade it. Some elements can be crucial for its longevity, we count the exposure to light in addition to the excessive humidity of the air.

These factors are of great influence on the conservation of your weed. It is important for you not to neglect them for too long, as this can generate consequences such as a drop in taste or even active ingredients. This is why it is important to equip yourself with a high-quality container, such as the cvault. This storage container is the perfect tool for this need; Designed in stainless steel, it is a container that offers ideal preservation. Indeed, its lid equipped with latches and its silicone seal allow a hermetic closure of the cvault. In addition to being able to protect your grass from excessive light or moisture, this steel container will also allow you to cur.

What is curing?

Curing is a refining step during the cannabis cultivation process. It serves to develop the full potential of herbs in terms of THC and CBD. This also helps to prolong the standard of life of the grass and avoid rapid degradation. We invite you to learn more through our article on curing to better understand its usefulness as well as its system.

Our cvault containers available in different sizes

Find the stainless steel cvault container that will perfectly suit your needs. Our online store offers the delivery of two different ranges: the personal container and the professional container.

The storage container cvault personel:

– CVAULT Personal for the storage of a volume of 0.175L – Small. Diameter: 8 cm, Height: 4 cm – Includes 1x humidipak 8 grams 62%. Add to cart here.

– CVAULT Personal for storage of a volume of 0.5L – Medium. Diameter: 10 cm, Height: 6.8 cm – Included 1 humidipak 8 grams 62%. Add to cart here.

– CVAULT Personal for storage of a volume of 0.95L – Large. Large – Diameter: 12 cm, Height: 8.5 cm – Includes 2 humidipak of 8 grams 62%. Add to cart here.

The professional cvault storage container:

– CVAULT Pro for the storage of a volume of 2L. Diameter: 20cm, Height: 10cm – Included 1 x 67 grams humidipak 62%. Add to cart here.

– CVAULT Pro for the storage of a volume of 4L. Diameter: 23cm, Height: 14cm – Includes 1 humidipak of 67 grams 62%. Add to cart here.

– CVAULT Pro for the storage of a volume of 8L. Diameter: 26cm, Height: 18cm – Includes 2 x 67 grams humidipak 62%. Add to cart here.

– CVAULT Pro for the storage of a volume of 21L. Diameter: 33cm, Height: 26cm – Included 1 humidipak of 320 grams 62%. Add to cart here.

– CVAULT Pro for storage of a volume of 50L -XXL. This article is also the product of 2021. Recently put on sale on the market, its large capacity of 50 liters gives its users the opportunity to use it for a commercial context. Diameter: 50cm, Height: 29.5cm. You can view the article and place the order here.

The boveda: the essential item to add to the cart

What is the boveda used for?

Boveda is a brand selling products that regulate the moisture content of tobacco. Often presented in the form of a disposable bag, it is a product that is easy to use but very effective. Indeed, you just have to install it in the cvault storage container and change it when the inside of the packet solidifies. Mycotrop has boveda packs in small and large format but also a humidity sensor that can inform you directly from your phone. As you can see, it’s an ideal gadget for fans of weed and technology!

Cvault Boveda® Pack 58% (320g)

Discover the product in stock here.

Cvault Boveda Pack 62% (67g)

Discover the product in stock here.

Controller For Humidity And Temperature Via Bluetooth Cvault Boveda® Smart Sensor Butler

Discover the product in stock here.

Our weed recommendations for curing

In order to enjoy the best curing experience, we have prepared our selection of herbs for you to try. We invite you to consult the properties of the different varieties in pictures, which are all available in our online store. Don’t wait any longer, this is your time to make the choice!

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