Garlic Mist Regular - Royal Queen Seeds  - 1
Garlic Mist Regular - Royal Queen Seeds  - 2
Garlic Mist Regular - Royal Queen Seeds  - 1
Garlic Mist Regular - Royal Queen Seeds  - 2

Garlic Mist Regular - Royal Queen Seeds

Garlic Mist is a strain for cannabis connoisseurs seeking a unique palate-pleaser. She provides a high that is both stimulating and stoning, and a garlic-heavy terpene profile that ups the ante for savoury strains everywhere.

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Garlic Mist: A Terpene Profile Like No Other

To say that Garlic Mist is unique would be an understatement. This strain is really something special. Breeders skillfully enhanced the desired traits over generations to produce incredible aromas and potent medicinal properties.

Garlic Mist inherited most of her pungent terpene profile from parent strain Garlic Bud. This indica-dominant variety first appeared in the 1990s. The strain was famed for its scent of musk, spice, and tanginess. She was merged with Cali Sativa Haze to add lively sativa genetics to the mix. Garlic Mist features a perfect balance of 50% sativa genetics and 50% indica.


Garlic Mist offers both indica and sativa effects. Her even genetic split is extremely apparent during the high. After hitting a bong or blunt, you’ll experience her sativa effects take hold. A jolt of energy darts toward the mind and instantly elevates the mood. The senses sharpen, and it’s not uncommon to fall into a giggle fit. Eventually, the high tapers off into a calm body stone. The indica effects melt the muscles, trigger the munchies, and help to relieve aches and pains.

Garlic Mist flowers produce an unusual yet pleasant smell. During the flowering phase, the grow room fills up with aromas of garlic and spices. She smells much more savoury than most strains. It’s a mouthwatering experience. Slightly different terpenes come to the fore when smoking her buds, as tastes of garlic, lemon, and citrus roll across the tongue.


Garlic Mist produces massive yields indoors and outdoors, yet adopts more of an indica growth pattern. Indoor plants reach a medium height and provide a return of 600gr/m². Expect to harvest her buds after a flowering time of around 65 days. Plants grown outdoors also maintain a medium height, yet produce a substantial yield of 700gr/plant. You won’t be running out of bud anytime soon! Outdoor plants will be ready to harvest in early October.

 Strain Type: Regular

 THC: 19%

 CBD: Low

 Yield Indoor : 550 - 600 gr/m2

 Yield Outdoor: 650 - 700 gr/plant

 Height Indoor: 90 – 140 cm

 Height Outdoor: 140 - 180 cm

 Flowering time: 8 - 9 weeks

 Harvest Month: Early October

 Genetic Background: Original garlic bud x 100% Cali Sativa Haze

 Type: Sativa 50% Indica 50%

 Effect: Cerebral and uplifting

 Climate: Mild

 Flavor: Spices, Herbs

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