Girl Scout Cannabis Cookies

Girl Scout Cannabis Cookies

Also known as the GSC, they are made from a combination of OG Kush and Durban Poison. Their taste is unique which led to its rapidly growing popularity. It has an enticing aroma that ushers one into the complete body and mental relaxation. We combined these amazing flavours with our special Cannabis Cookies which results in theses delicious Girl Scout Cannabis Cookies.

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Buy Girl Scout Cannabis Cookies from Cannabis Bakehouse from the official store! There are two main strains of the GSC cookies; Platinum and Thin Mint. These two are different both in appearance and components. However, the underlying feature in both strains is the greenish-purple color. It has a peppery taste with a citrus flavor. The result is a happy feeling, calm and energized.

 Our Girl Scout Cookies are free from THC so they won’t get you high. But the delicious Girl Scout Cannabis Cookies taste will make someone relaxed and happy.  Is Girl Scout Cookies one of your favorite marijuana strains? Then you will love our Girl Scout Cannabis Cookies for sure! The taste is like you are actually smoking the Girl Scout Cookies in an Amsterdam Coffeeshop.

 Cannabis Bake House gives the Girls Scout Cannabis cookies the 5-star rating, thanks to its Cannabinoid and terpene ratio, its usage and production guidelines. They are neatly packed in containers going for €6.00 and €7.50 based on the quantity one buys. Professional procedures are used to determine the exact quantity of the cannabinoids in the cookies. It helps in issuing consumption guidelines and solutions in case of any eventualities.

 Looking for cannabis cookies with the amazing west coast cannabis strains flavor? Then the Girl Scout Cookie should be your first point of call. Buy Girl Scout Cannabis Cookies now and share them with your friends!

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