CBD Foot Cream

CBD Foot Cream

You cannot avoid or escape the tiredness, the pulsating feeling you get after completing long hours of the day while on your feet. Cannabis Bakehouse’s CBD Foot Cream has been professionally designed to soothe your exhausted feet whereas at the same time hydrating and offering protection to your skin.

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Leveraging on the properties of calendula oil, camphor, aloe vera, and, of course, the power of CBD, you now have a way of rejuvenating your fractured feet and dry skin. Ensure you put a leap while taking your step with the re-energizing properties of our professionally formulated CBD Foot Cream. Buy yours today on our webshop and enjoy the soothing effect after a tiring day. Your feet bear all the pressure while you go about your day-to-day activities. Luckily, with our CBD Foot Cream, you no longer have to stop working on your passion in life because your feet are tired and drained. Combining a uniquely formulated mixture of cannabidiol (CBD) and naturally occurring ingredients, our CBD Foot Cream hydrates, rejuvenates, as well as soothes your tired, and fractured feet. Now you can put a spring in your step, and also provide your ever-hard working feet the spoiling they are justified to have with the power of CBD.

 Cannabidiol (CBD) collaborates with aloe vera to hydrate as well as cool your drained feet and skin. On the other side, vitamin E combines with camphor to offer protection to your feet, whereas farnesol deals with bacterias on your feet to provide the soothing fragrance. Finally, calendula finishes the fragile blend, offering its therapeutic properties to drained muscles and the fractured feet.

 Combined, all these complex blends of CBD and naturally occurring ingredients offers your skin, starting from your ankle to your toe, a magnificent feeling while you walk. Despite all the plans you have for the day, at Cannabis Bakehouse we have covered you with our CBD Foot Cream that soothes as well as re-energize your feet – with our product, walking with shoes all day long will never feel any better. In order to enjoy the benefits of our CBD Foot Cream, visit our webshop now and buy yours today!

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