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Salvia divinorum leaves

Salvia Divinorum (ska maria pastora) wurde entdeckt durch die Mazatec Indianer. Die Schamanen des Mazatec Stammes nutzten die heilige Medizin um eine Trance hervorzurufen. In dieser Trance konnte man durch das Unterbewusstsein einer kranken Person reisen um so die Ursache seiner Krankheit zu finden.

  • 20 Grams
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At a lower dosage it generates a dream state of consciousness and helps clear the mind during meditation. At higher dosages Salvia induces a radically altered state of awareness. In this state one doesn't experience time, space and one's own thoughts the way one is accustomed to. The effects of orally ingested Salvia last for about two hours.


The most effective method of consuming Salvia is chewing the leaves for about half an hour, so the active components can be absorbed by the blood vessels and mucous membrane in your mouth. Usually 8 to 20 leaves will be enough.

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