CBD Day Cream

CBD Day Cream

With Cannabis Bakehouse’s CBD Day Cream, you can be guaranteed of beginning your day with a sparkling appearing skin, all credited to the preventative features of our CBD Day Cream. Professionally infused, the special combination of several compounds such as vitamin C, shea butter, vitamin E, as well as calendula oil nurtures your skin.

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Our CBD Day Cream also consists of SPF 15 that offers you protective features against UV rays as well as the effect of pollution. Infused with the power of cannabidiol (CBD), you will be able to begin each day with a skin that appears as great as the way you feel.

 As you age, your skin starts to show the impacts caused by the destructive UV rays, air pollution, as well as other detrimental factors. Such components leave your skin with a sense of tiredness and dullness, distressing your skin’s natural state. The good news for you is that thanks to Cannabis Bakehouse’s CBD Day Cream, its preventative, nurturing, as well as soothing qualities can assist you in fighting against the negative impacts on your skin. Now, you are able to assist your skin feel re-energized, all thanks to the uniquely picked ingredients infused in our products and the power of CBD. So, now you do not have any excuse for letting your skin gets damaged. You only need to visit our webshop and place an order for your CBD Day Cream today.

 Your skin is a sensitive and complex organ of your body that needs a careful balance of essential ingredients to rejuvenate its natural radiance. At Cannabis Bakehouse, our formula has leveraged on the antioxidant qualities of vitamin C and vitamin E, alongside the therapeutic properties of calendula oil, the power of CBD, and, of course, the soothing feature of shea butter. All these complex ingredients collaborate with your skin to provide you with protective features as well as nurture your skin deep under your skin surface.

 Applied on a day-to-day basis, our CBD Day Cream rejuvenates your skin, offering you protection against damaging agents while you go about your daily activities. Utilize the power of cannabidiol (CBD) alongside the cautiously selected ingredients to assist your skin to appear and shiny as much as you feel from the inside – radiant and full of life. For you to get your CBD Day Cream product, visit our webshop now and place your order and enjoy the full benefits of our professionally produced CBD skin products.

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