Discovered in remote areas of Mexico, salvia divinorum is quickly recognized as an overpowering plant that psychonauts consume with great discipline and caution. Its name is obviously far from being a coincidence; under the name of the sage of the diviners in French, it is important to understand that the latter is perceived as a sacred plant.

The power of this herb is unquestionably one of the strongest in the psychoactive universe, which goes beyond the simple trip. Now discover all the essential information about it! From its origins to its effects, you will have the necessary elements to fully understand what Salvia divinorum is and how to buy this plant.

History and origins; what to remember about salvia divinorum

salvia divinorum

The discovery of a sacred plant

As we mentioned earlier, Salvia divinorum is a plant from Mexico. We find it cultivated in both mountainous and isolated geographical areas, more precisely in the Sierra Mazateca de Oaxaca.

The name of this territory is the same as that of the Mazatec people, which is an indigenous community. Because of this, the leaf of Salvia divinorum has been consumed for shamanic ceremonies. It was also a cure for rheumatism, headaches and diarrhea.

The main purpose of this drug was to heal people through natural and spiritual resources. It was not a process that any individual could initiate; in order to respect traditions, it was important to follow a ritual guided by the shamans of the village. The songs, visions, dances, incantations and poems were then guided by these people when one consumed a psychoactive herb. 

International recognition of diviners' sage

Salvia divinorum is a plant variety which became world famous thanks to two events in history. The first event took place in July 1938, when the American researcher Jean Basset Johnston became interested in the healing practices of the Mazatecs. By discovering the existence of this sacred plant, the latter was quick to list it in botany the following year. 

The second event had an impact on the community of Mazatec Indians. Indeed, it was in 1955 that the healer Maria Sabina welcomed Robert Gordon Wasson, an American ethnomycologist, to one of her rituals. The shaman's talent was quickly recognized by the researcher, who published an article about her two years later. The widespread message aroused much curiosity in the Western community. It wasn't long before Maria Sabina became the most famous shaman in the world.


Thus, it is by gradually taking an interest in a different culture offered by the Mexican territory that the leaf of Salvia divinorum in turn becomes known internationally. Did you know ? This plant originally bears the name of the famous healer, “hierba Maria”. Nowadays, a number of consumers covet it mainly for its psychedelic effects and its healing ability.


The effects of salvia divinorum


The active component of diviner's sage: salvinorin A


It is essential to emphasize that salvia divinorum is not a hallucinogenic drug to be taken for social or festive reasons. It is an experiment whose use cannot be compared to the hallucinogenic mushroom or truffle.The effects of salvia, which last on average 20 minutes, should not be underestimated. Salvia divinorum can generate a really intense trip, which depending on the amount taken can give visions, travel in time or even take us out of our body.

Indeed, it is possible to explain these facts with the presence of the active principle which is salvinorin A. It is a powerful hallucinogen that affects the mind and generally allows its users to change their mood. The psychoactive component affects the kappa opioid receptors in the brain, which are responsible for the regulation of human perception. In other words, a small dose of salvinorin A is more than enough to take a person on a spiritual journey.

This is what makes Salvia divinorum unique from other species. Besides being a rare and difficult variety to propagate, it is the only plant that is known to contain salvinorin A in its composition. Being an interesting psychoactive component in humans, many chemists and players in the pharmaceutical industry have attempted to create viable synthesis as well as more developed alternatives in recent years.

This interest in this active principle is explained by its therapeutic potential; the ability to regulate mood, reduce dependence on stimulants makes salvinorin A an extraordinary discovery. Researchers see it as a possible treatment for people with psychosis, bipolar or dissociative disorders. At present, it is already possible to synthesize this component from salvinorin B.


The effect levels of salvia divinorum


A salvia trip has different levels of effects. It should be remembered that no matter your level of experience in the psychedelic field, the use of salvia divinorum should be treated with great respect. By the way, did you know that divinatory sage has its own rating scale from its experience? Find, on 6 levels representing the letters of the word SALVIA, the effects associated with it:

Level 1: S - Subtle effects. 

The first level of the journey puts the person in a state of relaxation. The sensations are both soft and light. They allow the user to enter a period of great concentration. Some compare the first level to the effects of a small amount of marijuana. 

Level 2: A - Alteration of perception.

Upon entering the second level of the trip, the person on salvia divinorum finds himself in an experience similar to that of cannabis. Thoughts and sensory patterns become subtly altered. The changed perception reinforces the appreciation of the music, which seems both more complete and complex. The trip is not yet intense but already offers remarkable sensations, such as for example a different impression with regard to the space, the colors and the textures surrounding the person. Level two also begins to affect short-term memory. 

Level 3: L - Slight visual effects 

It is from the third level that the consumer begins to observe the onset of visual and auditory hallucinations. With eyes closed, the person can then visualize two-dimensional images of pulsating lights, geometric and abstract shapes of color that scroll repeatedly. Consciousness still remains anchored in the real world but recalls the state of an onset of sleep, similar to hypnosis. The third level is when salvinorin A begins to bind to kappa opioid receptors.

Level 4: V - Vivid visual effects

We call the state of the flying carpet when we reach level 4 of the trip. The hallucinations generated from the previous level are even more accentuated, the visuals which seemed to be in 2D take on a 3D dimension. It is the start of a hallucinogenic journey that takes us to different dimensions of reality.

Although the consciousness is still lucid, this will not prevent the person under the salvia divinorum hallucinations from having strange visions and from meeting beings who do not exist in the real world. It can be both fun and scary for the witness. It is then advisable to be seated comfortably and to stay relaxed for a good experience.

Level 5: I - Immateriality of existence

The level 5 trip is a stage where it is crucial to have a trip sitter nearby. It is from this moment that consciousness detaches itself from the world and perceives a setting completely different from reality. The connection to what surrounds us becomes severed, the loss of control of one's body can be dangerous if the experience is on one's own.

It becomes difficult for the consumer to connect with himself and his own thoughts because of the loss of personal identity caused at this scale of effect. The sensory environment is found entirely deformed, comparable to what one can observe in a dream.

Some testify to having turned into an object, others report having had a conversation with themselves or identifying with a divine figure. It is without a doubt that the level 5 trip is considered to be the main experience of Salvia Divinorum.

Level 6: A - Amnesia 

The last phase of the journey is the most powerful level that can be reached. In this state, the consumer permanently loses all connection to the real world as well as control of his own body. The trip sitter can possibly testify to sleepwalking which would lead to incomprehensible blows, screams or noises. The person under the effect no longer feels pain and will not remember that moment.

To get the most out of this experience, psychonauts are advised to dose consumption so that the salvia trip stops at level 5.

Where to buy salvia divinorum?


There are two formats for consuming salvia divinorum: it is sold as dried leaves or as extracts. The difference is usually determined by the duration and the effects.

Buy salvia divinorum as extracts

For the extract of salvia, the duration of the experiment is shorter. We can expect a trip to end in 10 minutes. That said, the effects are more intense and can vary depending on what we choose. This is the main advantage of the extract of salvia divinorum: it is possible to choose the power of the extracts, which start with a box of x5 to a box of x80.

To put it simply, we can understand that a x10 extract equates to a dose that is 10 times more potent compared to dried leaves. Unlike untreated leaves, the potency of the effects can be anticipated. This means that a very low dose is more than enough to be effective. To buy salvia extracts, go to this page by clicking here

Buy salvia divinorum as dried leaves 

The effects of salvia leaves will tend to last longer; we can count up to two hours during oral ingestion. You will have to wait 30 minutes before you can feel its influence. The constancy of its strength is not guaranteed because the leaves do not all have the same consistency of the active principle. To buy salvia extracts, go to this page by clicking here

What are the ways of consuming salvia divinorum?


There is no absolute technique for taking the leaves of salvia divinorum; the limits of method of consumption stop only with your imagination. We then suggest 3 ways to lead a trip, which depending on what you choose, can generate more powerful effects than others.

  • Smoking: Salvia can be smoked in a pipe or bong. It is one of the most powerful ways to get the most out of salvinorin A.
  • Chew: The second method of consumption is to eat the leaves of salvia divinorum. To do this, simply separate the pulp from the leaves in the mouth before ingesting. It is also a traditional form which is mostly adapted to the most experienced people. The taste of salvia can be displeased by a large majority of people. The texture can require a lot of flexibility and adaptation on your part. This is a means that will not be very powerful because the digestive system will limit the potency of salvinorin A. Eating salvia leaves is therefore not the most effective method for those who are looking for sensations. Note that the effects start after 30 minutes. 
  • Infusion: The last method is to grind a large amount of salvia divinorum leaves and boil them for 5 minutes. It will be necessary to infuse for about 15 minutes. As Salvinorin A is not activated by mouth, it is strongly recommended that you keep the tea in your mouth for 15 to 20 seconds for each sip taken. Proper ingestion of the drink can generate a dreamlike state and induce vivid and intense dreams throughout the sleeping time.


Is this your first time trying salvia? Here are some tips and reminders that we invite you to follow during a salvia trip:

  • Live the experience preferably in the dark, with your eyes closed
  • Sit in a safe environment, away from potentially dangerous objects while sitting or lying down
  • Remember to be accompanied by a trip sitter because salvia is not a drug to be taken alone
  • Put on soft, soothing music if needed
  • Avoid leaving the television on as this can influence your trip
  • It is by no means advisable to drive under the effects of salvia divinorum
  • You should consume a reasonable dose for the first time
  • Drug use is not intended for minors


Feel free to share your experience or ask questions through comments. You can also find information to buy extract or leaves of salvia divinorum on our shop by clicking here 

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